Below is a “down and dirty” video about my Fempower(R) accountability process! It’s based on the SendOutCards Daily 8. I did it in my actual office. I show you my actual process. Not edited…I did say “down and dirty” right? Three team members have asked me about this in the last few days – so […]

Lasso Dem Yassos!

Okie Dokie. Well – I have definitely discovered that I can do one thing a week other than train, eat, keep my husband happy, and sleep. I have had some work this past couple of weeks, plus have picked up on my marketing efforts – no chance to write here at all. I guess it’s all […]

My Heart Skips a Beat . . . My First Donation!

HALLELUJAH! I’m so excited. I can’t even believe it. I received my first donation towards the IRONMAN. One of my teammates, Maria Afan, is an “old hand” at doing Team In Training. She has done two marathons through them – one in Rome (GO GRRL!) and one recently in San Francisco. Maria is actually a […]

Episode 13: Being a Micro-Entrepreneur in a Home Based Business: Recession-Proof Your Income: Network Marketing, MLMs and Why it’s not a Pyramid

Always wondered what Network Marketing was about – and how to know what’s a good one and what might make Madoff proud? This episode discusses some of the aspects you should look for in a MultiLevel Marketing (MLM) or Network Marketing business. Episodes 11 and 12 generally introduced you to the idea of having your […]

Network Marketing/MLM/Multilevel Marketing

Hey all! I have just returned from New Orleans and a cruise to Cozumel, that I received from my MLM business, SendOutCards. I am going to be doing my next podcasts on finances – since it’s on everyone’s mind now. I will start with what I wrote about in fEmpowerment…then move on to what I […]

A few MLM thoughts to share…

I was recently in Venice Beach on a SendOutCards trip, to visit Jordan Adler. I wrote about Jordan and his book, Beach Money in the blog before, and mentioned them in Podcast 11. Jordan is in my “upline” in SendOutCards. What this means is I was sponsored by a gal named Dawn, who was sponsored […]