Second TAR Video “List” (separate email) – includes videos, quotes, etc. – January 21 (Day 136)

watch meI posted this in a previous email, but I thought it should have its own post instead of being part of a “litany” I did on the last day before surgery. :-) These are “selfies” or videos” that Moddie and I think we need to do for our 2nd video WHEN The Amazing Race folks call:

1. Packing up weight plates into our backpacks, going up the hill across from my house. Putting on hiking shoes, etc.
2. Walking up the path, each in our headphones – you hear me counting in Greek (Moddie holding the camera as I trudge by), then you hear M saying phrases in Spanish (me holding the camera, shooting her from behind or whatever)
3. Go to a Ford dealership, be walked through the onboard system.
4. Bay Swim. One of us is already in the water, the other is getting in and ducking under and screaming.
5. Paddleboarding. Oh yeah. Falling down in a water-to-Sandy smackdown.
6. Double kayaking – rent one and do it somewhere that it’s not that deep (e.g., in the Tiburon lagoon, which would be a good spot)
7. Anything we can do in the Crossfit gym – a la doing pullups with the band underneath the feet, etc. – idea being that the first one is with for example me doing it with black (100lb) band, then green band, then on and on until I’m doing it free (yeah baby). Could be for any exercise.
8. Eating bugs!
nayd 29. Fire dancing (M has Groupon)
10. Outdoor preparedness (S has Groupon)
11. “Mud” swimming (low tide at McNear’s – auuuugh)
12. Some kind of orienteering or scavenger hunt in the city . . navigating in the city, maybe even with an external shot or two staged, maybe driving to fire dancing class? Need to get MAPS and do it with MAPS, not PHONE.
13. Clips from our Golf Cart excursion in Hawaii
13. Ice Ice Baby NEEEEDS to get in there…it will be hysterical!

1. One of my USMC ID card.
2. Photos we already “culled” for the first video that didn’t happen. There are a LOT of those.
3. Photo of me after PRK with the “goggles”/”frog eyes” on.

nyad 3As I mentioned before, already asked Seb at to find us a track that we can license from him that’s along the lines of “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” – once he finds it (I have hopes!), put that in the background, and the last or first “shot” will be “Title, licensed by” then a little parenthetical fades in “(Sandy’s an intellectual property attorney. She made us license this.)”

Songs for Seb to find something like in his musicians (just a random list – writing them here so I don’t forget):
1. Stronger (Kelly Clarkson)
2. Run The World (Beyonce)
3. I Can Transform Ya (Chris Brown) – for something like the 100 lb help -> no help pullups for example
4. Mercy (Duffy)
I’m sure there are others – if you’re reading this and have thoughts to add, please do!

When I mentioned this to Seb he said most of their music is backgroundish (no words) – you can get it off their website (linked above) to see the “type” of music. Also his partner Randy is an award-winning video director, so Randy threw that into the “mix” for WHEN we get to that point.

Of course, the OTHER way to go with music would be to take “snippets” of music that say what we ant, and on the front say “Do NOT show this video in public because we do NOT have licenses to it! Here is a link to all the songs used” (lol) – that would, unfortunately, probably be a LOT OF WORK (and time).

nyad oneAnother thing that Moddie and I both want to add are the couple of quotes that Diana Nyad uses in her TED talk (HERE).  The Teddy Roosevelt quote that she uses is HERE (and a summation of the TED talk).

One way to slice that quote: “Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure … than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much, because they live in a gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat.”

Another way to slice it:

“You go ahead and sit back in your comfortable chair, and you be the critic, you be the observer.

While the brave one gets in the ring and engages and gets bloody, and dirty and fails over, and over and over again.

But yet isn’t afraid and isn’t timid and lives life in a bold way.”

(I’m finding these on other websites – actually trying to find one that gives the other quote Nyad used – AHA here it is – it’s a Thoreau quote)…

thoreauSo what ELSE is up with me? I’m lolling around like a big panda, that’s what. I’m not supposed to work out until tomorrow (first day I’m allowed back) but I AM allowed to do things that “don’t make me sweat” – you know, stretching, mobility, walking – but HELL know, I’ll just lie on this couch! Silly me….

Here’s another quote we gotta use! (Pasteur) -> pasteur

OH AND, we found the music! Moddie and I BOTH agreed out of the 15 tracks sent by Musync that one is perfect! I will try to post ;-)

(I’m going to just add things here as they come to me instead of starting whole new posts time and again) – one thing I mentioned to Moddie is that the blog post I read from the producer/casting director (someone) from TAR is that they want you to dress “similarly” so that the audience can “remember who you are” in relation to other racers. Match you up, as it were. So I said to Moddie, we could have:
1. Day one – Ironteam shirts
2. Day two – Diana Nyad “Never Give Up” shirts
3. Day three – Big Hunk and Truffle Shirts…(LOL)

tshirt-bighunktruffletNOW, I’m not sure this will WORK, but I’m going to try to “paste” into this post the music that found for us to make for our second video WHEN TAR calls us. Of course, WHEN they invite us straight to L.A., this will be for our “victory” video a la Jason & Amy’s. ;-)