What’s a Daruma Doll…?

So, today I inked in my biggest Daruma Doll’s eye – and put 365-TAR on the bottom. I’m having trouble importing photos into this blog (probably because my WordPress is outdated), but if you want to see a daruma doll, scroll to the bottom.

It is the tradition in Japan to give a Daruma Doll to someone starting a new venture. As a symbol of an uncompleted goal, only one of the pupils is colored in, and the doll is then placed where it can be seen so it is a continual reminder of that goal.

You often see Daruma Dolls in junk or “antique” shops – with either one, or both, eyes colored in. Now you know why you should NOT purchase them!

When the goal is reached, the second pupil is filled in, and the completed doll becomes a symbol of that achievement.

Another important feature of the Daruma doll is that its low center of gravity causes it to return to an upright position after being tilted. This is symbolic of optimism, persistence, and strong determination.

We were just in Japantown this past weekend – wish I’d thought to get a Daruma for Robb! (I had one, which as I said I’ve just colored in the eye on.)

Ganbatte kudasai! (To our success!)