What Does a Grrl Do With Her Old Bras?

I went to a talk the other night with Bianca Stark-Falcone (www.bwelldressed.com) about undergarments, and the need to be sure yours fit, are not stretched out, and the like. So, what does a grrrrl do with her cast-off brassieres?


Enter the Bosom Buddy Recycling Program (www.brarecycling.org). Johnny and Elaine Birks-Mitchell are the founders of this organization, an ambitious new business that distributes donated bras to women in need.

The idea for the program was sparked when Elaine could not find an organization that would accept used bras. Extensive online research led her to several recycling programs in the United Kingdom, but none stateside.

Eventually, Elaine hopes, donors can expect their bras to reach women across the globe. Elaine has named this anticipated project Project 10,000. The mission of Project 10,000 is to collect 10,000 bras for deserving women. Elaine hopes that this goal will cause communities to arrange local bra drives to get the word out.

“Think of all the women around the world who need bras,” said Birks-Mitchell. “We can never collect enough of them.”

A bra is considered ‘donatable’ if it has working snaps, adequate elasticity, and is generally in good shape. While all sizes are accepted, larger sizes are in higher demand.

Bras can be mailed to The Bosom Buddy Recycling Program, 23844 S. Power Road, Suite 102-433, Queen Creek, AZ, 85242.

What a great idea, eh?