Week Update

OK, so I totally suck at keeping track of mileage. I managed for all of ONE post (last one). So Be It! This is the Wednesday-Thursday-Friday post, then Saturday will have its own, and Sunday too! I’m catching all this up on Monday – the blessed REST day. Hallelujah!

pole photo (35 pounds ago though)
gotta get back to this - by losing 35 lbs so I can invert again!

Wednesday was my pole dancing class, and it was (as always) a blast. In going in, I knew that this would be my last class for a while. It’s just gotten too prohibitive (time and $-wise) to come into the city in the middle of a weekday. I also have about 35 pounds too much “junk in my trunk,” and so I have not been able to do any of the more advanced moves – heck, I can barely climb and invert! I am going to up my practicing at home, and perhaps get back at it after the Ironman. I should have “brought sexy back” by then! Assuming of course that work has picked up. Knowing it would be my last class for a while made me really throw myself into it. I did my last free pole/dance to Moulin Rouge’s “Roxanne” – a song that a lot of us used “way back when” we were first learning. I pushed the chair up against the 2nd pole and the gal I was giving the “lap dance” to (whom I didn’t know – new in our class) said “Woah, I was actually a little scared there.” It was a faboo last class (for a while).

Wednesday was supposed to be a Spin workout, but I got home, did some chores, and went for a “nap” at 6:00p.m.  – waking up the next day at 9:00 a.m.! H didn’t wake me when he got home – he said I was “out like a light.” I am reading Younger Next Year for my 50th time (I LOVE that book) and I have to believe that my body was so busy making all the new connections and mitochondria and veins and muscle fiber and what-have-you in this Ironman Adventure that it couldn’t keep the lights on, too.

Jakie and Sandy trainin' in the garage
Jakie & Sandy playing Lance Armstrong in the garage

Thursday was supposed to be a Swim, but because I’m such a dog on the Bike, I decided to do the Spin workout instead. Yup, Jake and me in the garage again . . . I put on Podrunner.com and put in a BPM that I could keep cadence to, and worked out to that. It was supposed to be “progressive Valley Drills” but because I have no way to keep track of RPM and all that jazz, I decided I would work on keeping a steady cadence and going up and down my gears. Think I have mentioned Podrunner before – it’s free workout mixes at set beats per minute. It’s sort of “house music” which makes it easy to mindlessly pump away to.

Friday was 8 x 880s (or is it 800s? 2x around the track) and Strength. I procrastinated for a while, as it was cold and I was feeling very snug in the house with the fire H had made. However, when it was nearly too late, I got in the car. First I checked out the new dog park area at Red Hill – H had said that there was a track there – turns out that it’s actually a soccer field with the red clay/gravel/whatever surrounding it, but not a track per se. I went to Drake, and though they were having lacrosse AND soccer practice, the track only had a couple of young gals practicing sprint repeats (no Track Team or Coach). So I did that. I started out with a Podrunner 132 BPM mix, and though that felt like a good cadence and my heart rate was nice and in the aerobic zone, I was 2+ minutes (MINUTES – yes and this is just two times around the track) off my VDOT. So I cranked it up to a new mix, which was 162 BPM. I was still slow on my VDOT, but that felt like a good cadence. A number of other folks joined me on the track and lapped me shamelessly – some day I won’t be dragging this extra 35 pounds around and I will be able to have a spring in my step too!