The inCREDible squeaking chair!!

I just finished Podcast 8, and am editing it a bit… and holy cats, I have the squeakiest chair!!

 I do know what’s up with this. My James had to borrow our studio set-up, because he’s working from home and had a conference call.  This means he gets to sit at the fancy schmancy setup (with headphones and all), since, hey, he’s making $ and I’m making… a podcast :-) The beauty of our setup, though, is that I can take my laptop, another set of headphones, and head into another room (the breakfast room), and just keep going.

(We all know what it’s like when we finally start something — we want to keep at it, and not quit. Because we were gone on holiday for a bit over a week, I am behind on podcasting, and wanted to get the track laid down today.)

So, I’m in the breakfast room  I’m on a wicker chair. Say no more, right? Yeah. What a doofus! You can hear the chair quietly creaking the entire time.  (There is also one point where my dog sneezes.  See if you can catch it.)

What the heck… I’m not going to do it over, but I thought I’d letcha know that the squeaky, creaky sound is NOT my bones and joints (I deal in the podcast with starting up my exercise regime again, so that is not so far fetched) — it be the chair.