Double Brick

IronMel’s blog about the Brick starts with the old Commodores song, ‘She’s a BRICK….HOUSE…She’s Mighty Mighty….Jus’ Lettin’ It ALL Hang Out…’ – I can’t get that out of my mind now, so I have just downloaded it from iTunes and added it to my “Soundtrack” tape for the Ironman. A “brick” is a combination of […]

Lather, Rinse, Repeat – Double Metric Century Weekend

Saturday H and I got up to Yountville to ride the Tour of Napa Valley route with a good portion of the IronPeeps. I hadn’t seen folks in what seemed like forever! (Pre-Half Iron/Sedona.) That day, there were a handful who went down to Monterey for a ride, another chunk were in the East Bay […]