BONUS INTERVIEW PODCAST: Look your Bond Grrl Best with Bianca Stark-Falcone, Certified Image Consultant

Hey! Today, we have a telephone interview with Bianca Stark-Falcone, a certified image consultant from Well Dressed. Bianca and I had a lot of fun, and she explained how you can get to your “core” Bond Grrl best with your own unique Style Recipe! In the podcast, you will hear me mention a non-profit that […]

BONUS INTERVIEW PODCAST: Erin Doland from (subtitle: How Not to Get Divorced Before You Get Married – Decluttering and Moving In Together)

In this Coffee Chat with Experts, we meet Erin Doland from  We Learn: * How the Unclutterer Got Started, including all about Mazes of Stuff and the Bud Lite Bottle rising from the Dead/Rubbermaid Coffin (cue scary music); *  How to terrorize soon-to-be-husbands (N.B.: Mazes of stuff will do it); *  Dealing kindly with […]

Organizing Tips for Mother’s Day Gifts (May 11th)

I receive The Organized Life ezine – I wish I could link an RSS feed, but either I am an idiot or I just can’t find it – so the link here is to their latest article on Mother’s Day gifts. Emily Wilska gave some great ideas for Mom’s Day gifts that can help, as she […]

Podcast 10: Feng Shui and Energy Re-Alignment In Your Home

In Episode 4 we discussed Feng Shui as a method for ordering your life and how your life can be diagnosed as being out of balance using Feng Shui techniques. In this Episode Sandy runs through the mechanics for doing a Feng Shui clearing and energy realignment on your home. These two podcasts expand upon […]

Potlach – Encouraging Generosity

I received some information the other day from the DailyOM that I’d like to share with you. I think it goes very well with my Decluttering and Green podcasts. The article described the Native American tradition of the “potlatch.” It is a tradition that values generosity above all else.  A potlatch, which is a very grand […]