Comparison: Last Swim Marker Set to this New One

So, this is what I got from Sedonia, the swim coach, last night (after I sent her my crazy math…and asked if my time sucked & if I did the math right):

Ok so now that we have established that you don’t suck…and now that I’ve had time to crunch out those numbers here goes the comparison of the last marker to this latest and greatest…drum roll please:

Last time you did: 200 yds
This time you did: 800 yds (600 yds further!!!)

Last time it took you: 4:16
This time it took you: 17:56

Last time your 100 yrd pace was: 2:08
This time your 100 yrd pace was: 2:14 (remember you went 4 times the distance than the first time!!!)

Last time’s overall 2.4 mi predicted time: ~1:30
This time’s overall 2.4 mi predicted time:~1:35 (5 min over 2.4 mi is very little)…and for the record: you were right and not high!

So big picture here:  you are now able to go 4 x the distance while maintaining the same pace!  That is perfect….Ironman is all about going the distance and not about time!  I am so pleased with the progress you have made and I’m so excited to see you continue to munch that elephant!

I keep telling my coaches that training for the Ironman is like eating an elephant – you just do it One Bite At A Time. I’m very excited, because when we did the first (200 yard) Marker Set I was completely winded at the end. This time, for the 800, I felt fine. So I definitely am doing better.  Who-hoo!!!  Munch Munch Munch!