Some days, I just am bummed…

Days 85 and 86 (11/22/13) of my 365-TAR

Day 4 and 5 of Plank Challenge (up to 40 seconds today)

Day 15 and 16 of SuperHero Challenge….

Let’s see.

Yesterday, I didn’t do Crossfit or actually the SuperHero Challenge, because I was running around the bulk of the day. I did do the Plank Challenge though (30 seconds). Today the plan is to catch up on the SuperHero Challenge, I already did Crossfit, plus I did the Plank Challenge (45 seconds).

Crossfit was:

10 Rounds
25 Squats
10 Pull Ups
250M Row

It’s funny, on their page it’s listed as 6 rounds, but it was 10!

There were a ton of folks there today, so I shared a rower with H, and I started with the Row and did the WOD “backwards” and he did it “forwards” so that we could trade off. I did it in 33:34 but it whacked the crap out of me. I REALLY concentrated on form – as much as someone who scales as much as I do can! – but even doing the jumping pullups from 3 plates, I was barely able to get my chin above the bar even in the beginning. Not sure what’s up. I did the squats holding onto the stanchion, because I wanted to do them RIGHT. Everyone was doing Air Squats in all sorts of forms – of course, they finished like 3 rounds ahead of me! – but I am trying to take to heart what Kelly S in @mobilitywod and @GirlsGoneWODPodcast were talking about in the last episodes I listened to of them (Kelly S was on @BarbellShrugged Podcast) – to WATCH YOUR FORM – don’t just “do the WOD” if it means bad form. I could have done air squats not breaking my hip crease below my knees too, but I went ALL the way to the bottom and ALL the way up – though I scaled the middle 8 to 15 squats otherwise I would have been there all day! (I did the first one and the last one at 25, that was tough enough!)

I am not sure why I felt so depressed after finishing. PROBABLY because H finished at least one round ahead of me. I’m not competitive generally – except I guess I am.

Every time he’d come up to the rower, he’d have to wait as I was finishing my 250m. That was probably what sort of weighed me down. I was always “close” (within say 50m) but he’d have to wait. And then when I’d get back on, he’d usually rowed “past” his 250, sort of like I had a “head start.” Yeah, not sure what’s up there.

I did get to love on Michael’s absolutely CUTEST EVER puppy/dog Moo (white pit-mix with black spots and a black spot on her eye – like a Holstein – hence, “Moo”). OMG. I am IN LOVE.

The day was TOTALLY made, however, as I was featured in @winetoweights Lady Lifter spotlight. There are a few gals on Twitter that I follow and have a “girl gang” with, Jennifer being one of them. I really do feel like they are my “tribe.” I post Instagram photos going around and about my day and tag them so that they are sort of “with” me. I guess that’s part and parcel of working from home – I don’t “see” people all that much (except at Crossfit) – and though that’s a little weird, it’s like a “2D” gang of gal pals to me.

Well, I’m off now to get a massage – not a “aaaaah massage,” a “OMG that HURTS, do it again” massage. I need to work on my right hip, not sure what’s up there, but something. Then I have to do something else, then I have a facial – Mom got me facials like TWO holidays ago (thank GOD they don’t expire) and I FINALLY booked one. Yes, it’s pamper day in the OK Corral. ;-)

Still haven’t heard from TAR (obviously) – though yesterday their intake closed. (At least, I HOPE it REALLY closed this time – they haven’t updated their website, and it said that Applications were “extended” to 11/21 at 5:00 PST.) We’ll see.

I might also be bummed because I went to the doctor again yesterday, and my hormones, inflammatory response, etc. is still CRAZY out of whack. She took me off EVERY supplement, vitamin, etc. except specific ones – 2 thyroid ones, 2 bioidenticals, glutathione, glutathione recycler, red yeast rice, Co Q-10, krill oil, tumero, a full mineral supplement plus an extra magnesium, a probiotic. We’ll see how this goes. I can NOT believe how “clean” my eating is – our house has been gone through like it was freakin’ Passover for gluten, etc. – and I keep gaining weight and putting on inflammatory water/puffiness. She’s concerned, and so I have to have more labs done for Free T3, T4, T-whatever-the-Hell.

Off to the “hurt me and make me stronger” massage ;-)

One thought on “Some days, I just am bummed…

  1. I love the “hurts” type massages! I saw a sports massage multiple times during my half marathon training and it was a lifesaver.

    I totally get what you’re saying about doing the reps right in a WOD. Anytime we do push-ups I would rather take twice as long to make sure I’m not “worming” but def takes longer than the girls who are shorting their reps!

    Any WOD over 30:00 is awful though!! Nice job sticking through!

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