Skinny Songs — You gotta check these out!

I guess I’ve been an ostrich for the past few months, because I just found out about this CD, and in Googling the gal who did the CD, she’s been on Martha Stewart, Oprah, etc.

 So maybe you already know about this, but if NOT, check out the Skinny Songs CD– click here, it will take you right to it!!

The gal who did this was a business woman turning 50, who realized that 25 or so pounds Skinny Songs Tshirthad “crept onto” her body since she turned 30.  So she set out to write some songs (and have them professionally produced) that would motivate her to lose this weight.  They are FUN!

I just ordered this shirt off her site.  It was WAY too expensive, but it made me laugh so hard I couldn’t help it.  As you can see, it’s a black tank, and across the bootyback, it says “Does This Shirt Make My Butt Look Too Small?”  HADTA have it!