Recommitment…Day 1 ;-)

I’ve fallen off a lot of things recently. Blogging. “Other” exercise (than Crossfit). Amazing Race training. Watching what I eat.

I definitely have a “SQUIRREL!” mentality. I start focusing on something new – and drop the balls I’m juggling in favor of the new ones.

I’ve had more work than usual, and we have had a few vacations. I should be able to “jump right back in,” but I often have trouble doing that – especially when it comes to things like the dreaded “weight” watch.

I went to an energy healer a while back, and she said that part of the issue is that I’m an “old soul” in my body, and that my “soul” doesn’t want to “pay attention to” the body stuff. Who knows? One thing I do know is that until I started the dreaded March To Menopause, I never really had any issue with weight. I’d gain some, lose some, gain some, lose some, always in a general spread.

I’ve been WAY outside that “spread” (and spreading!) for at least a year now.

So – we’ll see how long this lasts – but I’m back logging what I’m up to. As I said in a previous post, we use Beyond The Whiteboard at my Crossfit box, and I’ve been logging in that. (Wish it linked in with other trackers that I like, like I’m charging my Fitbit and BodyMedia device. I’m plugging in my Garmin.

I’ve still got my eye on the Amazing Race. The plan is to send in two submissions – one with Moddie (like last time) and one with my friend Jamie (as I mentioned in the last blog post). I think one of the main problems with Moddie and my previous submission is that you couldn’t call us the “something” team. That seems to be a big part of TAR. Jamie and I are going to be going for basically #007Team as it were – He’d be “James” and I’d be “Solitaire.” I think it could be a hilarious video submission . . . the only problem being, if we’re picked, how to carry that off on the race! As I emailed to Jamie a few days ago, it’s one thing with The Goths, who were just wearing black the whole time – but how would #007Team do a backpack? Um, shoes? Hiking boots are not particularly Bond-Girlish! (We plan to discuss this in our podcasts – why not? – allows others to chime in with ideas, too!)

So, last blog post of the day, but just to say that – I’m recommitting. As such, it might be Day 330 (!!) since I started this, but it’s Day 1 of the Recommitment.

I’m thinking about doing a hike up to the Open Space across from our house and back. It’d be a nice start – and not immensely awful. I had promised myself I would do this at least once a week (especially after I quit working at the yoga studio). Of course, that fell off after like two times.