Partial List of Show and Speaking Topics

Sandy is smart, funny, super dynamic and a cool cucumber on camera. She would love to help your audience find their Path to Passion this year!

Create an EnvironMENTALLY Friendly Zone & Usher In Your Best Life Ever

Sandy believes that before you can work on your inner authentic self, you must address your surroundings.  In fact, the first Chapter (fifty pages) of her ten chapter book details how, and why, a Bond Girl-to-be needs to go through every single drawer, cabinet, nook and cranny of her house, office, and even her car, and to make sure she loves or has a use for all of it. Sandy’s tips include not only fun visuals such as how to fold towels, make ‘sheet packets,’ and how to tackle the Junk Drawer, but also brain-based research on how to step around your emotions while de-cluttering and how to use feng shui as an ordering technique. Sandy also stresses the benefit of relinquishing items to their “next best use” – allowing Things to migrate from being dust-catchers on your shelves to meaningful additions to someone else’s household, and the impact that seemingly small personal steps can make in manufacturing, gasoline consumption, and resource allocation.

Being Prepared – From Honeymoon to “Honey, Let’s Go!”

A Bond Girl is always prepared and always travels light – from makeup bag to gym bag, briefcase to suitcase. Her must-have accessory is an Open Mind. Due to a flight snafu, Sandy had 20 minutes to prepare and pack herself and her ‘James’ for their three-week honeymoon – could you do it? Her travel tips will ensure that your audience can, when their ‘James’, their heart, or the price on the pump says, “It’s time to go!”

Keeping Your Sex Life Off Life Support

Imagine a James Bond movie where the Bond Girl is lying on a bed, looking sexy and seductive. James approaches her, and the next words out of her mouth are, “Look, it was a hard day, I’m just not into it.” Sandy has 10 tips for women to keep the sensual spark alive (all PG for TV, of course) – from planning ahead to setting the mood.

A No-Nonsense Approach to Relationship and Health Issues: Tips That Don’t Cost You Money & Help You Lose Weight!

Work/life balance is more crucial now than ever, given how the unexpected changes on Wall Street have affected the small business on Main Street, and trickled down into our homes and in particular our bedrooms. This talk is designed to help women see dramatic changes in their lives, including better health (weight loss), increased happiness (more vibrant sex life & increased energy and drive) and improved financial security (additional money flowing into their businesses, if they are entrepreneurs).

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