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Bond Grrl with Martini
Interested in putting your high-heeled toe into your deep Bond Grrl waters? V.I.P. Web Radio Updates are available on a subscription basis, to deliver you five additional podcasts between the free weekly downloads available on iTunes and through this website. That’s one for every day of your work week!

They contain intimacy-enhancing tricks and treats, success mastery tips, and gentle (but firm!) reminders to stay on your Bond Grrl path! The only pre-requisites are your curiosity, good humor, sense of adventure and willingness to propel your life forward! The V.I.P. Shows are $19.95 per month; to sign up, just click below and drop a quick email to us at registration@beabondgirl.com so that we can get them all set up for you!

A friend told me I had to listen to the Be A Bond Girl podcasts, and she was so right! Sandy’s approach to living a proactive life is fabulous. Through her coaching, I have cleaned out the cobwebs and dead wood in my life, and am filling that space with Purpose. I cannot wait to read her book!

Fatima, Tiznit, Morocco

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