March 12 (day 188) – Welcome to Tabata…Are you ready…? 3-2-1-GO!

SOME day, I’m going to have to re-do my Categories . . . not looking forward to that! (I am trying to file these posts under Categories, but some are nested under others . . . oy. Never mind)

Anyway – so today I decided to do 3 of the 4 workouts I’m doing as Tabatas. To get the workouts into the 10 second video clip required, I had to speed up the video. They look so silly that I had to share:

Tabata Situps: I did 83, but as you can see, assisted (holding onto the back of my legs). I did the first 2 or 3 and realized that was about it for “regular” situps (for now). Here’s the link (can’t figure out how to get the Media Player to just insert it here, sorry :-( )

Tabata Rope Climbs: I did 21 (with going down and standing back up counting as “1”) – sometimes I would be “down” when he called Stop, so I’d just lie there and finish that number when the count started again. I got to 21. Here’s the link. Be sure you watch to the end LOL.

Tabata Jump Rope: Since double unders have gone the way of the dodo bird for me, I figure I’ll just work on cardio. So I jumped during the “Go” periods – couldn’t make a full one without tripping, though did do one with only one trip! Here’s the link.

and while I’m at it . . .

Here’s my other Project for GiveIt100 (though not a Tabata) – trying to get into a Handstand. This is the closest to upright I’ve gotten, and when I tried at first to have my hands closer, it just felt too “tip over backwards,” so I went back down to what was comfortable. Easy does it, as the saying goes – I could hold it for 30 seconds.

I’ve got that barking cough today, so didn’t go to Crossfit. Can’t make this a habit – that’s 3 weekdays (and of course 2 weekend days) off, which is not good. Granted one of the weekend days I was doing the Bay Swim stuff, but I gotta go tomorrow whatever it takes. Hopefully H will want to go with me – he hasn’t been since before he went to Basel!