“Living Oprah” Blog

Today (courtesy of the Pop Candy blog), I discovered the Living Oprah blog. The gal who is writing this blog has decided to follow Oprah’s advice for a year, and see where it leads and how much it costs.

 This is fun to read, but the writer also shows the issues that I have with the show — namely, often the “must have” items are in a price range that is way WAY beyond my means. I always take these shows with a grain of salt, but what she points out is that when Oprah says something is a “must have,” that her audience is very likely to actually go purchase it — because she said so — even if on the “other hand” they are being scolded by Suze Orman not to spend their money this way or even Eckhart Tolle to live a more “existential” existence.

 Love the premise of this. The gal is a graduate student writing her thesis — wonder if this will become part of it?