It’s been a looooong time!

Hey Grrls!

OK – I suck. Yes, it’s true, I know. I not only have a fantastic interview podcast that is still 1/2 edited, but I haven’t even posted in the blog. Bad me. Bad bad me.

As ya’ll know, I’ve been trying to replace my law firm income with SendOutCards. I have also been to 2 conventions (eWomenNetwork, and the SendOutCards convention), plus I was on ABC again (link, next blog). But it’s the first that’s really the culprit.

If you’re going to change the way that you make your $, sometimes, other things suffer. It wasn’t going to be my relationship with my James – so (pitiful sigh) it’s my relationship with ya’ll. Forgive me?

I am actually a little amazed to report that last month, my SOC income was more than my law firm income! Yes! People are so interested in this system. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go to and send a card on me – or listen to the podcast about it and then go try it out.)

AND – talk about Beach Money (again, go check out that last podcast…) we’re on our way to Hawaii, so I’m crammin’ in work so I can play!

I miss you guys, that’s the truth. I’ve gotten a number of emails and such – book is selling well, thanks – and the SendOutCards is going REALLY well!

I’m going to try to get out about 4 blog postings today, and then be as better-as-I-can when we get back from our holiday. But until then – I apologize, ya’ll rock, and keep it up! Don’t stop readin’ and listenin’ – I’d miss you!