Girls Gone WOD Podcast FIrst Birthday



If you actually read my blog, you might want to skip this post ;-) This is really just a place to put some “time stamps” related to the Girls Gone WOD Podcast, as they asked folks to name “moments” from their first 49 episodes, for their 50th next week. Not like I’m going to sit here for 49 hours listening to GGW (um, I don’t THINK…) . . . Anyway, so that’s what this is post is. I’m going to post it and add to it, until I can’t stand the rabbit hole or until Joy and Claire post their episode where they asked for timed clips…whatever comes first LOL

Episode One – Intro to Joy and Claire: I actually really like Episode One – starting from the very beginning. I’d forgotten this Episode!!! It says “who Joy and Claire are” and why they Crossfit. It’s so funny to listen to this now – because I feel like “I know them.” Funny when I download it from their website (because my iTunes doesn’t load back that far), the podcast shows up as “Claire Hay – Claire Hay’s Album.” ;-) Special notes of interest:

*3:09 – the discussion about the slap koozy. Why is this important? Because only 3 minutes in and I had my first “uh-oh, TWO words I don’t know” moment (‘slap bracelet’ and ‘koozy’). I’m still waiting for the GGW “slap koozy.” Come on girls, get on that LOL

*4:55 – NEXT word I had NO idea what it referred to (“Globo gym”). Took me like 5 re-listens to figure out the word “Globo.” I was listening to GGW before starting Crossfit, and this is what made me realize that I better find a Crossfit lingo website LOL. (I did start Crossfit right around when they started – June – but then quit Crossfit FOREVER because of a bad coach. But then re-started in September of last year, which I have blogged about ad infinitum, especially in my last post – and I’ve never looked back)

*7:05 – “define drill team…” – Joy telling Claire she was on the dance team/cheerleader. 8:34 – Joy did competitive ballroom/competed in Vegas – this was the beginning of me thinking “is this woman me at 35???” I’m just jealous that she was a cheerleader because I was too shy in high school to do that, though I would have LOVED to. H being an advanced ballroom dancer made me take up ballroom – gotta get back to it actually. LOVED IT.

*9:00 – “Superbowl XXX Video Show/Diana Ross Half Time Show” – THIS IS WHERE I MADE MY MARK! I found this dang video and sent it to them. It took me like forever. But I found it.

*12:00 – “purple velvet Madrigal dress” – just the visual, Claire, just the visual is memorable….

*13:25 – the whole “don’t worry if you are new to Crossfit and you don’t understand our words”…and also that “Crossfit doesn’t get easier, you get better” – then “well…actually, Crossfit DOESN’T get easier, because they keep making it harder as you get better…” (How true is THAT)

*14:41 – OMG I FORGOT – Joy was still a VEGAN then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*19:00 – “I got lost and I wound up in Canada”….first best Joy laugh ;-) And the whole Vermont story – as my “kin” are from Vermont/New Hampshire/etc. this made me laugh OUT LOUD. And the wool factory.

*20:32 – “beards not in a sexy hipster beard way…in a ‘something might be living in your beard’ way…” LOL LOL again, you gotta have been to Vermont…

*21:41 – YEAH JOY – so WHERE ARE those ballroom dancing videos??? (And SO TRUE re the leader being the key to the whole enterprise…)

*26:00 – the whole frustrating/”it’s supposed to be easy” thing that Claire talks about and self-comparison. I think I went back and listened to this like 10 times when I was going through this at the first Crossfit I went to – and Joy saying “if you go to a gym like this, you just should leave” – never OCCURRED TO ME that I actually sort of could do that – watershed moment. That maybe another gym would be different…SERIOUSLY! This is a really important part, or was, for me.

*32:00 – “What is your biggest life lesson?” – I forgot this part! Good to re-listen to it ;-) Claire: “You don’t have to say everything you think.” Joy “Are you waiting to talk, or are you really listening?”

*37:05 – “Life is 10% what happens and 90% how you react to it.”

*39:00 – Joy “Have you ever had a panic attack?” Claire: “Oh, I just had one on Monday.” Joy “A full blown panic attack?” Claire “Oh yeah. Yeah yeah.” LOL.

*40:00 – Joy not knowing what Fran is – this is funny because the latest Episode (49) she had no idea what Fran was, again. Hilarious since it’s basically the one Girl that “everyone knows” and Joy is like “um, which one is the one with the thrusters?” LOL

*42:00 – Joy “I really do enjoy a good thruster.” LOL

*43:00 – FIRST MEAN GIRLS QUOTE! (It took me another 10 Episodes or so to actually realize “Yup, am going to have to rent this dang movie”)

*47:20 – first little tiny “Bye-eee” from Claire.

Episode Two – Interview of TJ at “Old” TJ’s: – this one shows up as “Joy Parrish – Joy’s Album” – so funny. It’s the podcast interviewing TJ at TJ’s Crossfit and for sure sounds like being in a Cave. This is where they did their photo shoot – with their long hair ;-)
*11:30 – wait is this “SuperFan Chris G” that you’re talking about – ? Funny Funny if it is. (You just say “Chris”)
*13:00 – I TOTALLY agree with TJ here where he says (as opposed to ‘Globo gyms”) that he knows EVERY SINGLE MEMBER and that he knows how they should do the WOD, etc. – that is SO TRUE about Crossfit and one of the things that I really, truly, appreciate and love (and hate!) about Crossfit.
*14:00 – Claire “When I try to get under a weight it’s like a baby deer on a frozen pond” TJ “Yup, Yup it is.” LOL!
*33:00 – reminder for J&C – here’s the talk about the difference between 24-Hour Fitness and Crossfit – and the floor example. This really is a great moment in the podcast. (But also HILARIOUS where apparently the guy next door said that “all these random people” came to help him and TJ goes “HEY, those were FOLKS THAT PAY ME to be here and they were helping you, and your employees weren’t even there.” :-) )
*26:07 – Claire’s first talk about yoga. (I am SO that person…)
*29:00 – TJ’s comments about “if you’re thinking about starting Crossfit, you need to look at some YouTube videos,” etc. – and that every gym is different – AGAIN this was a big deal for me because when I heard it, I was “quitting Crossfit forever” because of a bad experience. This made me think. (Thank GOD.) And as Joy says, a lot of folks basically think “Crossfit is like Starbucks” – this was a BIG part of this podcast for me, personally, because I never, ever imagined that it was going to be “different” at another box. I know that sounds so silly (now) but – WOW – SO IMPORTANT. At 31:00 Claire talks more about the whole “not liking the vibe, but liking the movements” – again – this was HUGE for me. It’s funny listening to it now, because of course now I’m at the “right” gym and so into it, but…wow…I had forgotten how much this MEANT to me in hearing it. Kudos to you J&C.
*32:00 – TJ talking about how Crossfit is often better for women than for men – totally agree with this – I like what he says and how he says it here.
*37:18 – funny TJ talking about how he lost the ability to do a muscle up, etc. when he first started and he was the worst Crossfit shape of his life – sounds a bit like what Claire is going through with starting doing her coaching now. :-)
*47:00 – Claire re being a wilderness first responder, “But I can’t help you if you’re less than 2 hours away from definitive care” – and the story about the summit, the lady with the baby, the lady with her hair standing straight up, and Claire talking a MILE a minute….HIL-ar-I-ous. “It was like the Titanic going down, and we were all going for the lifeboats” and TJ saying “Yeah but you still tagged the summit…” First Claire CRAZY FAST story where you realize she could probably make a living reading the legal mumbo jumbo at the end of drug commercials….

EPISODE THREE – Body Image: Still Joy Parrish – Joy Parrish’s Album at the top – I wonder if that’s what these always say? (I am pulling them up from the GGW website because I can’t get anything on iTunes before Episode 5…(which, by the way, if I don’t GET to it because I pass out from too much GGW-ness, is a GREAT EPISODE with Claire doing the NASCAR thing at the Games with Christmas Abbott. So fab.)
*2:54 – Joy “…the front pockets go this way and my butt goes this way” (with no visual mind you) – one of my fav OMG ME TOO moments ;-)
*5:45 – Joy: “Bring in the naps!”
*13:00 – Claire’s story about the whole Yukon trip and “I wasn’t afraid of bears, I was just afraid of being slow.” AMEN SISTAH. OMG. I also have panic attacks, and being last can trigger one in SUCH a big bad way. So the fact I am still doing Crossfit as the dead last one is kind of a miracle.
*14:10 – Joy freaks out that Claire had had breast implants ;-) (Claire: “I CLEARLY don’t have them any more LOL” – and then Joy “Oh, you guys, well, OMG, you know, like….some of my best friends have boobs…” LOL)
*22:00 – Claire trying on her wedding dress, re. bra size, gal at the shop saying “A double-A? Is that, like, a B?” O-M-G…..
*22:58 – Joy “My dream would be to wear a tube top that, like, stays up…” (I so feel your pain, girls…)
*23:10 – Joy “This is like the boobcast…we should get back to Crossfit…” LOL
*27:00 – the first “bulky” rant ;-)
*29:45 – “if you CAN get bulky, you’re probably going to make money. And be famous.” LOL!!!
*30:00 – Joy re. not being “dainty” – “Yup, no daint in this body. This is a daint-free zone.” LOL.
*33:00 – Gwynyth Paltrow’s trainer regarding “A woman should never lift more than 3 pounds, you’ll get bulky” Joy “I could break her over my knee,” Claire “What, am I supposed to bring in my groceries one item at a time?” LOL.
*46:46 – ” ‘Oh look at that girl, she has great legs but look at all that cellulite.’ Said no guy ever.” “Guys are more like ‘Oh look! A girl! I LIKE them!” LOL This is also where Claire mentions the “thigh gap” – which I then had to go Google. ;-) “Men don’t look at a woman and say “Oh she’s so cute, her thighs don’t touch,” instead, they’re all “Look! A Girl!!”

 EPISODE FOUR – Panic Attacks and Meditating:  Oh Look! It says “Girls Gone WOD” at the top! :-) Way to go girls ;-)
*7:47 – “My family just calls it being ‘high strung.'” Also re “Why do you care so much, why don’t you just forget about it” and Claire going “Oh, THANK you SO much, I never thought of that!” Pfffffft!!!!
*8:55 – oh CRAP this is the Joy/Scott/Pearl Jam/Wrigley Field story. THIS GAVE ME A PANIC ATTACK WHEN I HEARD IT THE FIRST TIME. I can’t believe I’m doing this, but I’m going to SKIP THIS STORY!!!! Because I had a similar situation once, in England, at a Rolling Stones concert, because the gals that I was there with wouldn’t leave, and we were going to miss the train, and we had to go a LONG WAY home and were NOT in a good town (Liverpool), and I knew it, and trying to get them to leave, and….oh, SKIPPING….SO SKIPPING THIS STORY RIGHT NOW…..LA LA LA…..
*18:00 – Claire, “Don’t meditate unsupervised if you have anxiety. It’s horrible in there. I was a bull in a China cabinet…or wherever you keep your China….a bull in a thing full of China….I got in there and I did NOT want to be in there in my own mind…” Joy “So when I took you to yoga, did you freak out?” Claire: “I am so inflexible I can’t even do it….everyone is all ‘breathe into your pose’ and I can’t even do the thing, so for me, I”m still trying to get the pose when everyone is all ‘meditate into your pose’ and I’m all ‘I CAN’T REACH…MY LEG IS FALLING ASLEEP….’ The mindfulness part of yoga is lost on me…” OMG this whole section is just great. Claire “We had to draw in our mind, and I was using glitter crayons in a Little Mermaid book” Joy: “I was coloring out of the lines….” The whole “Caaaaaan’t Reeeeach” makes me laugh out loud EVERY time…
*21:00 – Joy psychologizing Claire – she gets her whole “psychologist voice” on – which for some reason, to me, is totally amusing.
*22:00 – Claire offers to get Joy a “therapy hat.” SO, did this happen? Then they discuss that Joy just got the Tinkerbell/Pat Benatar hair.
*23:01 – Claire “Can you tell me who Pat Benatar is?” Joy “I can’t believe you!” Claire “Well, what does he look like?” Joy “IT’S A GIRL…!!!”
*24:40 – Claire’s story about her hair, living on the couch…”My boss was eventually, like, ‘Oh, I thought you were doing it like on purpose…like John and Kat Plus 8?'” LOL
*30:00 – comments re “if guys are listening” and talking about periods, Claire: “Everybody pees, everybody poops, girls have periods. Get over it.” Didn’t you listen to the 6th grade Health Care episode?” LOL.
*43:00 – Claire talking about going to the Games (the next week after), “…and I’m going to just put it out there, I am SO going to meet Christmas Abbott.” Hilarious to hear this now – considering what not only happens in Episode 5 with the NASCAR wheel change thing, but then with C.A. being on the podcast (thanks Brandon!)
*44:00 – Claire, “So listen, Christmas, what up, I am SO going to meet you this weekend if you’re listening…” Funny Funny Funny.
*46:07 – “So, like 20 people ‘liked’ our Ryan Gosling post” (talking about how many listeners they may or may not have)
*46:30 – Claire: “I could so go for some Ryan Gosling boosting…”

EPISODE 5 – The Crossfit Games Episode. I love this one. This is the “NASCAR Wheel Change” episode. AND there was video, even! Thanks Brandon…