Podcast 3: Decluttering Cont’d…Are You Ready for Paris?

Are you ready for Paris? As a follow-on to podcast #2, this podcast details some tricks for being prepared and ready to go on a moments notice! Thats what the Bond Girl lifestyle is all about!

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2 thoughts on “Podcast 3: Decluttering Cont’d…Are You Ready for Paris?

  1. Hey Sandy, I was downloading all the podcasts to my iPod, and for whatever reason, this one wouldn’t cooperate with the “Save target as” procedure that worked with the rest. If you have some time, I’d appreciate a solution. 003’s not available on iTunes, either. I love whole concept, btw (hence me trying to download them all, lol).

  2. hmmmm! Let me check! I am DEFINITELY a bit “technologically challenged” and I know we moved them all to a different server – maybe that goofed up the link on this one. Best, Sandy

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