Episode 15: Traits of Sex Goddesses

Yes – it’s ME again! In this episode, we disOctober 7 Sacramento Revised[1]cuss James Bond and marriage for a bit – yes, Bond got married, if you didn’t know that! – and then we move on to reclaiming your sensual spark, and some easy traits that us Mere Mortals could adopt that Sex Goddesses use to rock their Jameses!

If you’d like to hear the podcast, click below:


And don’t forget – Sheila Stewart and I are speaking on October 7th in Sacramento on “What Women Want”! Come on down, and have a blast with us! (I might actually be able to get Sheila to do a Bonus Interview beforehand . . . if so we will be SO LUCKY because this woman is the Bomb and SUCH a Bond Grrrrrrl!)

One thought on “Episode 15: Traits of Sex Goddesses

  1. Devil Dog/Solitaire,
    You are right on! I will be telling my buddies/shipmates to listen to you. Leave it to a fellow ‘jarhead’, to lead the way in empowering women mentally, physically, sexually, financially, and spiritually.
    GOD bless you,

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