Episode 12: Money, Honey – A Chat About Finances

After reading the April issue of Vanity Fair magazine about Bernie Madoff, Iceland going bankrupt, and the like, this Episode continues on from where Episode 11 left off – Finances, Debt, Wealth, and the like. I know that it sounds a bit like I’m in a wind tunnel – something is “up” with my microphone, and Levelator, etc. didn’t fix it. I admit it’s been a while and I have a new computer…so perhaps I pushed a wrong button here or there. Please let me know what you think of this Episode – I do these for your comments! I’m getting the next one ready, but if you are curious about anything in particular, ask…and ye shall receive (as best as this Bond Grrl can answer)

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4 thoughts on “Episode 12: Money, Honey – A Chat About Finances

  1. Good podcast. It was interesting to realize that my “daily wages” is only about $133 gross, or about $100 net. While $1,000 a paycheck seems formidable to replace, $100 a day is less intimidating.

    I didn’t notice the audio problems, but then again, I was on the subway at the time and was getting all the “wind tunnel” background noise of that!

  2. Excellent broadcast. “This is where your power is going to come from…” comment is absolutely spot on. I too love the perspective of looking at what you are earning per day and putting to yourself the question of what are you going to do to increase that number on a daily basis.
    Basic principles on our relationship with money presented in a very articulate clear manner.
    Sound quality was clear.

  3. I have been downloading and listening to Sandy’s radio shows this past week, and I must say, they are excellent. Very important and timely information is presented in a wonderful manner. Sandy speaks like an old friend, and the radio shows are very engaging as a result. Keep up the good work. I will keep up with listening!

  4. This was a great podcast. I love the part about not having to wear an expensive brand to look great. You don’t need to prove yourself with the brand you wear. I definitely need to evaluate my financial spending to see where I can cut back.

    I am glad I learned about your awesome website from the MotivationToMove.com Mastermind Group.

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