Entrepreneurs…Get on Yer Bikes!


Thank you thank you thank you to all of you who wrote based on my last posting. I LOVE YOU! I’m still getting over my Peru “bug,” but Cipro seems to be hittin’ it, so I am anticipating being my own happy healthy (hippy…) self by Monday. Today I even got away from the house (read: potty) and walked the dog for 1/2 hour up the hills. Yay, me! (Yay, Cipro!)

So, H and I were sitting down to breakfast about 20 minutes ago, and I thought I heard a timid knock on the door. Jake didn’t even bark – that’s how soft it was. But H went to go check to see there really was “no one there” – and found a guy on our doorstep.

We often hire guys to help with the various projects that H has going on – gardening, decks, clearing, you name it. As you can imagine, these guys have been hit just like the rest of us…in fact, yesterday we drove past where they generally pick up work (about 10 miles away from us), and there were more people there than we had ever seen…and even some white guys. (Not being prejudiced here – it’s just a fact. The fact there are white guys there waiting for pick up $10-an-hour work means that they aren’t working at some construction job that they usually would be.)

ANYWAY, so this guy had worked for H a couple of times, and realized that he was pretty sure he could find our house. We are way up in a canyon and down and up some serious hills. This guy rode his bike there – a little over 10 miles each way – to timidly knock on our door.

Just yesterday, H said he’s going to hire a couple of guys tomorrow to help him with some clearing for a new deck addition he’s planning. When he came back to the breakfast table to tell me about the guy, I asked if he told him to come back tomorrow (since I knew that H wasn’t planning to do work today).

And this is the good part – he said “NO, I had him stay – AND I will have him come back tomorrow.”

H doesn’t really have much for him to do today – but because of this guy’s enterprising spirit, he’s going to “make” at least 1/2 day, maybe more, of work for him. He’s also going to go speak with our neighbors to see if they can use him to make it a full day.

How many of you are ‘standing on the street corner,’ waiting for work to come to you the way that it always did? It’s time to get on your bikes, and ride up the valley, up and over the hills, and timidly knock on some doors. Your spirit will be rewarded.