Days 3 & 4 from R

R. So cryptic. It’s Roberta, but Robbi to Sandy and Rob to most of my friends. I’m 59, currently weigh the most I have ever, but went through a radical change ten years ago that caused me drop 60 lbs and I think I can do it again. Need to. I’m working on a couple of film projects that are going to require some public events that I am simply not prepared for at the moment.So between yesterday and today I worked in the “brawn” area: I’m just a mile from the beach so have re-instigated my walks, either on the surfline if the tide is out, or up on the boardwalk if it’s high tide. Yesterday and today were both board walk days. An hour each late in the day to avoid the sun. That’s about three miles each at my usual speed. I can do better on a treadmill, but I don’t work up the sweat like I do down at the beach. It’s so deceptive. There’s a breeze, but the humidity is killer. My life skills and experiences have included canoeing, camping (I can rough it in the woods), sleeping under blazing security lights in an urban environment, riding a bicycle, a little bit of cooking (I do a mean white pad thai), and have a little German and high school French occasionally floats back to me, and I can drive a stick shift. I want to try my hand at one of those airplane simulators! Sandy’s already done it!

One thought on “Days 3 & 4 from R

  1. Whoot! Whoot! She’s out of her Spy mode :-) I was thinking of that airplane simulator the other day – I wonder if that’s going to be our “replay” event. It was a KILLER, especially on the married couple, the poor guy! I just read that one of the skills this year is going to be driving a NASCAR car in Abu Dhabi….I sooooo want to do that! But you promised you’d do all the heights stuff. I’ll eat the scorpions, as long as they aren’t stuffed with fish or peanuts ;-)

    Whoot Whoot! Awesome re your “brawn” walks! One thing I’m going to add back in (brrrrr) will be swimming in the Bay. First with the wetsuit, then I think I will just break down and do it in the swimsuit a few times so I know I can.

    Today is “finish” feng shui day, tomorrow is “start” – so I’m trying to get my desk and inbox cleaned up.

    And YES, you do the meanest of white pad thai ;-) Even without fish sauce/peanuts ;-)

    Now if there was just a wine-drinking portion, we’d both be winners ;-)

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