Day 83 plus Day 2 of Plank Challenge plus Day 13 of SuperHero Challenge

Yeah – enough challenges already (laugh!)

Today was 20 seconds in the plank – done. I am glad to be doing this challenge, because I can feel that my Abs need a LOT of work.

Yesterday was Fran in Crossfit – !!! I’m actually kinda bummed that I wasn’t able to go, because I had a CLE at 10:00 and wasn’t sure I could make it back in time. It’s SUCH a bummer because EVERYONE talks about Fran, how much they hate Fran, etc. – and it won’t come back around for a while because they don’t do the benchmarks that often. Dang dang dang. Tell you the truth, if I’d seen it was Fran I might actually have tried to make both.

I did do yoga yesterday though. I am really having some trouble with my right hip. I’m not sure what’s up. Yeah, old age, shut up ;-)

The Superhero Challenge has a 20 minute AMRAP today, I’m just not sure I can do it AND the Crossfit, but I will try. I like it better when it’s just reps, not an AMRAP (because you know that it will take 20 minutes, obviously).

Today at Crossfit is “Hurricane Freddy”:

5 rounds 1 min each station 30 sec rest between stations
Hang clean 50/35kg
Wall ball

Interestingly, the SuperHero challenge has a “hang clean” type move in it – she even talks about it. It’s:

20 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible):

  • Run
  • 10 Romanian Twists
  • 10 Star Jumps
  • 10 Curl -> Press (this is what she talks about as being a precursor to a hang clean)

HERE is the video of what Romanian Twists and Star Jumps are – it’s the video of the workout. I totally have a girlcrush on her. She cracks me up.

It’s raining outside – maybe I can actually do this workout, I can just do the mini-tramp. Yes, I’m obviously trying to ignore the work I have to do today. I was supposed to go for a walk with my friend Francine, but we’re meeting at Starbucks instead (because it’s raining).

Okay – fine – yeah, I think I better get the planks and this SuperHero Challenge workout out of the way. SIGH (laugh!)



I did the plank challenge. Not gunna do the SuperHero Challenge because I have Crossfit tonight. My right hip really is sore, and it’s frustrating. I wonder what it is – ? Wish I could have a personal appointment with Kelly Starrett and have him tell me “you have to do THIS.” Hmmmm, maybe that’s something to put on the list for WHEN we get invited to be on TAR…(“Hey Dr. Starrett, I can’t tell you WHY but my friend Moddie and I have to get fixed RIGHT NOW can we, like, come over?” LOL) Actually – one of Starrett’s trainers apparently now is a trainer at my Crossfit box – I can’t remember his name, but Anthony told me (I think it starts with a “B”) – which is pretty awesome. Now for another 45 minutes trying to catch up and we head off to Crossfit. And so it goes!