Day 76…

Yesterday, I did the deadlifts with 2 10 kg plates on either side and the orange bar (so I think that’s somewhere around 60 lbs) – the overhead squats, however, with the lightest (purple) band. Shoulder shoulder…H did rowing instead of running and was SO MUCH happier!

Today’s workout already makes me throw up:

For Time
800M Run
25 Pull Up
25 Push Up
600M Run
25 Pull Up
25 Push Up
400M Run
25 Pull Up
25 Push Up
200M Run
25 Pull Up
25 Push Up

The ONLY thing that keeps getting me doing this stupid stuff is the idea that we will be chosen for TAR>

Today have a speaking engagement I shouldn’t really have taken – it’s down in Santa Clara – that’s a bee-atch of a drive back, especially as it’s a dinner engagement (I’m the keynote – on contracts). The clientele isn’t really going to lead particularly to jobs, either – it’s a trade association for car detailers/fixers/wreckers/etc. (basically anything but car sales). I mean, WHAT was I thinking? I know…because I was asked, I am going. It’s good practice, I can add it to my list on LinkedIn – but honestly. I don’t think I start until about 8, so I MUST bring my iPod with me so that I can “sing to tunes” on the way back (or listen to “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me” :-) ), that is for sure. I will take the van – that way I can actually have speakers (the BMW is so old it doesn’t liaise with my iPod).

Language tapes are too snooze-inducing ;-)

Moddie and I went through Groupons that we had – we’re going to set time for that. I also started the Nutrition Certification – O-M-G it is SO HARD! I emailed Shendl so we can set some times for that, too – it is REALLY hard. I have an email in to the certification board because the first set of questions has NOTHING to do with what “went before” in the workbook, so either there are videos missing, or each chapter ALSO involves a lot of internet research. (Grrrrr….)

Got a few miscellaneous chores done yesterday – bothersome things like getting an RMA for a return and such. I am also now sitting actually at my DESK not on the kitchen table – moved the computer back upstairs. It’s so funny – H made this desk for me years ago, and made it JUST big enough to put the laptop on – because in his view, I “spread too much paperwork out” and he didn’t like it. So what’s THAT mean? I work on the kitchen table because there isn’t enough room at my desk! LOL! Mom is getting rid of her Selectric typewriter (that Jeff sold her when he was at IBM! OMG that was what? 30 years ago?!) and it’s on a special “typing table” and I”m going to get it from her – that will allow me to have a table i can put stuff on “next to” the desk. H wants to actually turn the guest room into my office – it’s SUCH a nice room and we NEVER really use it – and then turn this room into a full tatami room (and then have a futon for guests if they come). He has been saying this for years and I’m pretty much ready for us to actually do it. Not quite sure exactly how it will work, but the big thing will be disassembling my bed in there. The mattress is actually ALREADY a futon – that’s what’s on the guest bed. A super good quality (Sealy Posturepedic!) ~futon~. The nice thing about doing that is it’s actually a far NICER room – with all the work we’ve done to do it – plus it has the fireplace. His thought is that he wants to get a mid-century style desk for himself (downstairs, which we’re trying to really more convert to that style), and then I could have his big desk up in the office. It’s a beautiful desk – he found it in an old furniture shop and it was painted with black paint, and he re-finished the whole thing (it’s dark dark walnut) and then took the drawers on one side of the cubby where your knees go, and made it into file drawers and a place where a computer (as in an old-school desk computer) can fit, and you slide it closed and the front looks like drawers. Yes, he is so clever…

No word from the TAR folks yet. I’m sad that they don’t even send you a “thanks, but no thanks,” it’s just crickets. Then again per their website they have 1,000s of submissions, and I’m quite sure we’re not the only ones to do it last minute! They say they will be “reviewed in the order received” but it also says that callbacks were to have begun 11/5 (the day we sent in the video).

Funny thing happened Monday. I brought Rich (one of the super duper fit guys in our Crossfit box – married to Karen – the ridiculously fit gal) a bowl of venison stew, because I had a TON of it and I’m trying to do something nice for each of the super athletes in turn (laugh). I brought the bones from making bone broth soup to Michael, Jimmy and Sherri, one of my books to Margo, etc. Also Sherri, Michael, Jimmy, Margo and I did Tabata Friday (with my songs in the sound system), so that was another sort of “I am part of your team” thing.

ANYWAY – so I brought the bowl to Rich and his office is literally in the same office park as the box. I went up, and it was one of those office spaces with like 30 offices, all with a different person in each room. No receptionist – I walked in and walked all around, and finally found a gal (eating her lunch!) in her office. I asked her if she knew where Rich’s office was, and she pointed down at the very end of a hall – farther than I’d been. I went in there, and he wasn’t there, but there were pictures of him and Karen on his desk, so I knew it WAS him.

So he had given me his cell number, so I texted to him “Your lunch is on your desk, Sir – Sandy” – then in a few minutes I get a ping (when I’m at Trader Joe’s) and it is a guy saying “No matter how much I’d like to play with ya here, you sent this to the wrong number.” I had – I’d put a 9 instead of a 0. I thanked him, ending with “…well, I guess no venison stew for you, then.” I get a text back almost immediately that said “Wait! I take it back! You didn’t mention the stew!” – and suffice it to say since then, we’ve been texting back and forth a bit – it’s an older guy (meaning, my age-ish) named Michael, he’s in a band but used to work for Lucasfilm as a video editor, now on his own, etc. He’s REALLY funny. The funniest part was that I offered to bring HIM a bowl, but he was in S.F. and I wasn’t going to do that – but he was coming for a guitar jam in San Rafael that (Monday) night but not until 8:30 p.m. when of course it would be too late. It was SUCH a funny exchange, I’m still laughing.

Okay, that’s enough – I always get up early to clear email and such and wind up puttering around – bad me!

Well, one more thing. I’m REALLY proud of myself to have been doing this now for over two months! When I was doing the deadlifts last night – I was lifting the SAME as Herbert – I remembered that I started with the swirly bar (10 lbs) set on the PVC stands. I know I had good form, because this morning, no back issues. (I am having a little elbow twinge but I think that’s actually from the overhead squats). I feel very good about my deadlifts, and H even complimented me on them. And Bo – who of course NEVER really says anything – when I was putting my bar away said to me “Good job” as he passed me. It was funny he said it really low. Maybe he doesn’t want anyone else to know that he DOES compliment people. LOL!


Today instead of the WOD (I just couldn’t face it) I did 5,000 meters on the ergometer (rowing machine) at 10 (hardest pull) – I worked on keeping it at 30-33 s/m which meant I did the 5,000 meters in around 25 minutes. I listened to my own music on my iPod and put the ergo outside to be out of everyone’s way. Then I took sheets of the 4 shoulder and hip opening exercises I wanted to work on, and I did those. Michael helped me with one of the hip openers – OUCHIE OOCHIE! But it was SO great and he was SO great helping me! I felt super honored actually.

Told Karen LeF and Anthony that I PR’d my deadlift last night and when they said “how much did you PR by” (I guess that’s the key measurement) I said 10 kg and they were SUPER congratulatory. Whoot whoot!