Day 71 “There’s something about Mary” LOL

Today’s WOD was:

20 Min AMRAP
5 HSPU (handstand pushups)
10 Pistols (one-legged squats all the way to the floor)
15 Pull Up

I did 8 – scaled MIGHTILY…My HSPU was 2 10 lb dumbbells pressed from shoulders without legs (just “press up”), the Pistols I did 10 squats to the ground, heels down, back straight, chest up (super strict form – Bo kept correcting me which was good) – ALL the way down and ALL the way back to straight, and of course my pull ups were from a box.

Then I asked Margo if she wanted to do Tabata situps, and she got Michael to do them, and he got Sherri and Jimmy to do them – which was actually fun – we put the “Tabata Metal” song on the box sound system that I had, and away we went. I also played the first 3 songs on my crossfit “mix” and they wanted more metal. So I have to re-order LOL.

Today I’m going to also re-start the Jillian food logging. I have gone WAY off the ranch on that, and I know last night when I was munching on a teff tortilla with almond butter and butter (yes, really) that I gotta get control of myself. It’s fun to be doing the 21 day “thing” with Emily the Denver Crossfit gal, that keeps me honest. -1 point for drinking alcohol – boo! :-)

So, we still wait . . . I keep watching our video because it cracks me up. It really does. I hope that it cracks them up too. I still can’t believe that we worked like demons to get a video together and though it wasn’t going to be the best video of all time, it would have had music, overlays, more full of our stories, etc. – I HAVE to believe that The Great Is “made” this happen because in actuality, the video we sent – which was off the cuff, no editing, me running back and forth to the freakin’ CELL PHONE that we video’d it on . . . shows how we’d be in a clutch situation!

H did Crossfit again yesterday and did too much – I think the final mile run killed him. He’s gotta figure out what’s up with his hip. He’s not happy. Of course, we could both lose some poundage and I think that’s sadly gotta be a CRITICAL thing I concentrate on for us. To wit – back to making veggie Nutribullet smoothies this morning!

(Funny – H comes in, sees my smoothie – says “Hey, how come MINE isn’t red?” I say “Because I left the BEETS out of yours, would you like some?” He backs away slowly…it was SO FUNNY. I think he thought I’d put like blueberries in or something. Definitely surprised him. His look was hilarious.)