Day 69 – oh, for goodness’ sake…

So I’m just going to type a little here.

Last night, Moddie came over, we did our video, she stayed up ’til 2 a.m. to match her photos to her narration and our “team” narration, I got the script together with all the “keys” tied into everything…

and then we got an email from my video editor, telling us that his mother-in-law was in the hospital – and so there was no way he could do it.


Moddie tried, this morning, to put the photos into a “quick video” format, so that we could still go with the narrations and such that we’d already filmed. Especially because she has a KILLER day at work today. I timed everything out that we’d done, and it was way over the 3 minutes – closer to 3:40. I had had in the back of my mind to tell my video guy where to cut and shave things – but that’s just too hard if you’re not a “dyed in the wool” video editor, AND trying to keep up at a crazy day, to boot. So, kudos to Moddie for jumping in, but I think it all has to go another way.

So I cancelled everything today (probably including Crossfit tonight) from 5:00 this morning, and re-did the script. In a way, I think this one is better. Moddie is going to have to come back over, but we can re-video us, and tell the story. We did everything, we were set, we had an unforeseen BIG issue. (Someone stealing our taxi, perchance?? Quoting from Sunday’s episode!)

I re-did the photo “slide show” but had to send it to Moddie, because she DOES know what she’s doing photo/video-wise. I need her to take the photos that I culled from the “hers, mine and ours” shots, and put them with a few per “page.” I wrote a script around them, and a script to introduce them, plus an “outro” afterwards. If she can get the photos into a slideshow with 4 seconds per slide, the whole thing should time out a shade shy of 3 minutes.

AND we can upload it together, TONIGHT.

We discovered when we were video taping last night that my little hand-held red waterproof camera (the one I did the manta rays on) is THE BOMB when it comes even to audio! That is the best little video camera EVER. It was a good 6-8 feet away from where we were sitting, and you could still hear us clear as a bell.

The way that I’ve re-written our “Emergency” script, we just have to remember “subjects” to address. I think we are going to have to put a timer on my tablet, so that we can SEE the 3 minute count down.

I also realized (as I was filling out the Application online) that we had to have a “fewer than 70 word” bio. So I wrote that, too. This is what it says:

“We come from VERY different backgrounds. As a kid, Moddie was sometimes unsure where the next meal or bed would be. Sandy lived comfortably in middle-American suburbia. Moddie’s entrepreneurial, mercurial but professional; Sandy’s a thinker, planner & quirkier. Sandy loves making Moddie laugh. Short versus tall, physical versus brainy, the mocha and the milk. But both are outgoing TAR lovers and Ironman athletes, after raising $10,000s to combat blood cancer!”

Moddie noted that their website states that the application deadline actually is on November 7th – so we “really” have 2 days…but the thing is, their website also states that they will “start calling teams in for callbacks” on November 5th. I think we will be a GREAT team. I just don’t want some “less-great” dual-female, “mocha and milk” team to get picked because the pickers don’t know our video is coming!!!!

OK, that’s enough for now. It’s 3:30 p.m., and I’ve been up since 5:00 a.m. (Moddie went to bed at 2 a.m. and I woke her up at like 7:30, so we’re a little grumpy right now).

I’m actually going to go check the feng shui calendar, to see what is the “best time” tonight to send this doggone thing through the ether to The Amazing Race. If there is a super-duper better time way tonight or tomorrow I will do it – I see that both days are green – but I have to look at the hourly binder to see the EXACT best time. I mean -what the heck, right? I might as well do everything I possibly can to put this baby on the top of the heap!

(All we have left is the video, though it’s written, and I’m sitting here right now on the couch staring at the video camera on the tripod, waiting. We’re SO almost done.)

Postscript: I looked – optimal time would be 9:00 p.m. tonight. So that’s what I’m’a’aimin’ for…