Day 68 – timing out the video (potential final drafts for review by M), plus Crossfit

This morning I got up at 5:30 – I couldn’t sleep any more. Moddie will be coming over today to do the video for the TAR entry. So I had to charge my little hand-held video camera, and am working on getting my “story” down to a minute.

We have both uploaded WAY WAY WAY too many photos into Dropbox, so we’re going to have to go over those as well (once we get the video knocked out), to very specifically detail what goes where.

The idea would be to have Prashant do the video somewhat like a “scrapbook” or a “storybook” where the photos are 2-4 per page, and have something “written under” them (like they would be in a scrapbook) – in a script that would be easy for the producers to read. It can tell the story “under” what we are saying in the voiceover.

Now I’m timing out my voiceover – I’ve changed the wording a number of times, and I know what I have right now is about 300% too long! So time for paring….

I’ll go to Crossfit today at 9:00 a.m. (NOTE: I did not say 9:30 LOL!) As I pointed out to Moddie via text last night, THIS will get us to tone up and do our strength and flexibility training!

Crossfit today:

15 Squat Cleans 43/30KG
15 Pull Up
400M Run

I can’t remember what a “squat clean” is – I think that’s bringing the barbell from the floor up under your chin – on the pullups, I think I will still do them from the box, but I will work on them after using the band. There’s no way that I can use that much “real estate” (a band plus a box) to do the “step off the box, using the band” method.

Then I will come home and straighten my hair for our video LOL.

=============================THIS IS HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 MINUTES IS NOTHING!==================


Hey! I’m Sandy. I grew up a cautious, rule-abiding kid in standard American suburbia. Though my folks were adventurous, I found my adventures  in books. As I grew older, what’s a bookworm to do? So I got degree

after degree

after degree

after degree!

After a bad romantic breakup, I decided to “heal myself” as the saying goes, keeping a blog as I went. I used the Bond Girl as my muse… a publisher found me… and the rest is history. Okay, I did go back and get another degree, this time in Sexology! It being Bond Girls and all!

But let me back up. On New Year’s in 1987, I entered a training program that promised to turn Couch Potatoes into Triathletes by Thanksgiving. It did.

I vowed then to do the Ironman before I was 50. That seemed a long way off – until my 48th birthday a couple years ago! So I got up off the couch again, and joined the Leukemia Society’s Team In Training. Even when training sucked, I remembered that chemo sucks more. I finished the Ironman – last woman over the line, but happy.

I’ve continued to raise tens of thousands to fight blood cancer. And that’s where I met Moddie.



Sandy: I loved Moddie from the moment I met her. She has these little hiccups that sound like a tree frog. You’ll hear them when we’re Racing.

Moddie: <laughing> Okay, now that my big secret is out…Sandy keeps me in good spirits – even on 100 mile bike rides or two mile icy swims in the San Francisco Bay. When my temper flares, she always has a way to make me laugh.

Sandy: Yeah, I finally embraced my ungainly 6’2″ white-girl-can’t-jump-ness when I turned 50, and I must admit, it’s a lot more fun to live life in 3D than between the pages. I have a quirky sense of humor.

Moddie: Uh, very! So, we both want to start non-profits. Mine would benefit kids like me, who have it in them to succeed, but come from a hard-knocks background.

Sandy: Mine would benefit kids like my adopted grandboy Caleb, who’s been stoically fighting intense pain that doctors can’t figure out.

Moddie: On November 4th, we were talking about how to do this, and how much we loved The Amazing Race. Then we had an epiphany….


Sandy:…you know, we could always apply to The Race.

Moddie: There’s no way. We’d have like a day to do a video.

Sandy: Oh come on (kick). Would you at least think about it?

Moddie: Um, think it over? That would be so unlike me (both laugh) – no, let’s do it.

Sandy: Now?

Moddie: Now.

Sandy: Did you see it last night? Do you sing? Oh my God, you’re going to realize all the things I’m afraid to do.

Moddie: (laugh) Well, I’ll climb the cliffs if you’ll eat the bugs.

Sandy: Wait a sec-ond…

New photo fades in of us in the water after Lavaman:


Moddie Stone, 40,, 415. xxx.xxxx
Sandy Shepard, 51,,

She’ll climb the cliffs . . . I’ll eat the bugs.


Now Moddie has to get hers to a minute or less. I know, I’m a piggie, I am taking up a TON of the 3 minutes. I’m HOPING that my first minute “tees up” Moddies’ story as the “antithesis” of how I grew up, so she can tell hers in a minute or less in “counterpoint.” When I was scripting for Robbie and me, I had our stories down to 30 seconds, but that was because I didn’t talk about as much (the training stuff takes a lot of seconds in Moddie and my story).

So if Moddie can talk about her “not so much standard suburbia” background, being active, “trying on different personalities for real more than in books,” etc., she doesn’t have to talk about TNT because I’ve done that part (e.g. she can just say “Team In Training” not “The Leukemia Society’s Team In Training” – that’s a couple seconds less right there) – she doesn’t have to talk about coming from a “couch potato” background, instead could be more like: “I’ve been on Iron, triathlon, and marathon teams with TNT and with Sandy..” – fingers crossed we can make this work!

OK time to go wake up the hubby….