Day 47 – TAR Episode 3 learnings; weight PRs; food journal

michaelsOkie dokie. So:

1.  Food Journal: So far (yeah, so it’s only 11 a.m….) I have logged my food (and workout) on I have recommitted to doing this. I really gotta get back in the game, food-wise.

2.  Today at Crossfit, because I have the marathon on Sunday, Anthony and I worked on form for 3 different exercises: Pull-ups, Deadlifts, and V-ups.

chin-up-assist-pull-up-maxa. Pull-Ups: So, I did 4 sets of 10, using the black (85 lb. help) powerband. The band was so strong that I couldn’t “pull it down” far enough to get my foot into it, so I had to stand on the tall box, and basically lift my foot up into it, then “lower myself down” from there so that my legs were straight. The idea is to stand on the ground (one foot of course in the band), and then it “helps” you to get up in the pull-up. When I did this with the trainer I hired for a month at the other Crossfit box, this was a hot mess. ;-) He had me get into the bands by him pulling them down – then I was too far from the ground to actually reach the bar if I was standing on the ground, so I was always in fear of the band “shooting me up” so that it would make my grip falter. This worked out well – it was slow going, mind you, as after the first 10 (which I was able to do in sets of three) I had to do them 1 at at time. As Anthony had indicated, you need to really get the form down – and once you start to “get it” you….start to get it. Meaning – when I was doing them as I was before – which meant I was standing on a box, squatting down, and using my legs to help me get up to the bar” – it wasn’t the “real pullup movement.” This was the “real pullup movement” – my legs are straight, I’m pulling myself up from the floor – but I have 85 lbs. of help. (So, that means I’m lifting about 100 lbs.) Anthony originally told me to do 20 sets of 10 (ha ha ha), then 15, then 5 . . . I got to 4 sets of 10 before the “hard core crossfitters” (Sheri, Ashley, Rich, etc.) needed me to move because of what their workout was. (If I’d been doing regular pullups I wouldn’t have had to have moved, but because I had the box, the band, etc. all under the bar I just took up too much room.)

bootcamp-v-upsb.  V-Ups. So I think I’ve mentioned before that a V-Up is when you have your hands over your head and your legs straight out, and you “sit up” bringing your hands and your feet up at the same time so that you are in a “V”. I was doing 10 of these, then 10 of the pull-ups, etc. The thing  that I realized when I was on my 2nd set is that I can bring my hands forward and my legs up – but my back was staying on the ground, which is not the idea. So I wound up “scaling” this by keeping my feet up the whole time (so when they were “down” they were still an inch off the ground), then lifting them up, and at the same time using my hands behind my thighs, to get my body up/back off the ground. I can’t remember if I put my hands over my head, then brought them forward to my thighs, then used them to “help” my body up – I think so.

c.  Deadlifts. The deadlift is when the barbell is on the ground in front of your feet, and you pick it up (standing straight), then let it drop. The key here is NOT to do it with your back, you do it with your legs and your deadliftsbutt particularly at the top. Anthony had me do sets of 3. I started with the “orange” bar, plus 2 5 kg weights. That’s what I’ve done deadlifts with before. That was too light, really (fine if I’m doing a WOD that has like sets of 10, but not for form drills). So he had me go up to 10 kg on each side, then 15 kg each side (3 plates each side! – I know, I’m so excited and usually folks are doing this with 3 20-25 kg plates on each side, even girls – but hey it’s a PR for me!) He coached me to keep my feet a bit wider than my hips, and then my hands are outside of that – he said to “check” that I was in the right “position” to basically stick my thumbs out as I grabbed the bar, and they should brush my thighs. He also said to be SURE I keep my elbows in, because, with my bicep tendon/attachment issue, that folks who turn their elbows “out” are asking for a rip. Once I got up to the 30 kg. on the bar, I did 11 sets of 3 lifts each. With more weight you can REALLY tell how you have to be “in the right position.” Anthony has constantly been harping on me to get the weight close to my legs – with the extra weight, you can feel how if it’s not right up next to your legs, gravity pulls it down and out of your hands. So I “get it” – and I also “get” how some of the websites I have read talk about the fact that you really can’t “get a move” until you’re doing it under a fair amount of weight.

pushupd.  Pushups. We also tried pushups, but I still really can’t do anything lower than that doggone red box that they use as a desk. That’s a bit lower than the parallel bars, at least, but not a chance I can do them on the highest box jump box. Frustrating. That right shoulder REALLY is messed up, and though it was compromised years ago in the Marines, I know that what really “did it in” was pole dancing. Because for all those years I did it they didn’t really make you do moves “on both sides,” I was CONSTANTLY swinging on my right arm. I absolutely and completely know that – and them not teaching “stability moves” for the shoulder – is what did it in.

3.  TAR Episode 3. I was SUPER BUMMED – my next favorite team – the NFL guys – got eliminated this round. The first round was the father/daughter team, and I didn’t really have any feelings one way or another with them. But the 2nd round was the Bingo Boys, and I was sad, because I wanted them to go a lot farther (I sort of thought of them as potential “contemporaries” to R and me). I just LOVED the NFL guys though – great attitudes, etc. And they wound up getting screwed by airplane delays – so came in last. SO SAD! (Now I hope the baseball wives don’t get gone next – they’re my next favorites.) Learnings:
a.  Language.  OK I know that this is petty, but EVERYONE got in the taxis in Portugal (the next country) and were speaking in SPANISH! Interestingly, they subtitled the Spanish, but they didn’t make a point in the subtitles (which I think they should have) that everyone was speaking SPANISH in a country that speaks PORTUGUESE. So today on the way to Crossfit, I listened to the Portuguese language CD I’d copied from the library. Now, granted, “va rapido!” is pretty much the same, most teams said “gracias” to the taxi drivers (“Thank you,” in Spanish) whereas in Portuguese, it’s “Obrigado.” Also – interestingly – Good bye is “Ciao.” I really have to make more of a point to listen to those CDs when I’m driving, folding laundry, etc. Even if I don’t remember a single thing, it will get my mind working.

b.  First Class Lounge. This was a super interesting thing – and I think it comes from “life experiences.” At one point, all the teams were “stuck” and needed to get put on “standby” on a flight. Two of the teams (the exes and the affianced couple) just waited at the ticket counter/gate, waiting for someone to “show up.” The baseball wives found the first class lounge, and got the gal there to book them on standby – so they were #1 in line. I think that this was a matter of experience – I would bet you the NFL players would have done the same thing. Because both teams would have had the life experience of knowing what first class lounges can do for you. Now, granted, if you’re a TAR aficionado, now you, too, know this (laugh) – but this is something I would have thought of as well. I remember when H and I were dead stuck in Vietnam because of getting “fogged in” down in Danang, and he had the lounge folks working overtime to help us get out of the country. It was crazy – we had to go get our bags, etc. (that’s a funny story for another day!) – but not only did they speak perfect English, but they had everything at their disposal AND told us where to go in Saigon, etc. Anyway – there’s just no way that the other two couples would have even thought of that, because I don’t think it’s in their life experience. That was a great learning. First class lounge folks rock!

c.  Flights. This was fascinating. The teams had to get from Chile to Portugal. There were a TON of options – a ton! The thing that was SO SAD was that the NFL guys literally made it to the Tour Agency FIRST, and then wound up getting screwed somehow because the gal was looking on the wrong day, etc. OMG! Then she put them on a flight with 2 stops, and they wound up getting socked in (they actually called her back, and she tried to help them, but … what a mess), THEN they went to Madrid and missed their plane so they had to go to London (which is where the Afghanimals and the “Ice Queens” went originally) – oh it was just SO SAD. They even said to their camera that the thing about what they did was that if you did the workouts, you practiced, etc. that you KNEW where you were/it was “all on you.” But this was totally out of their hands and immensely frustrating. The cool part (I really liked these guys!) was that they didn’t get mad, they didn’t cuss and stomp about, etc. – they were super philosophical about it. I’m not quite sure what the learning was – there were SO MANY different options to get out of Chile, that I guess the learning is to try to get the one with the fewest stop-overs…?? Interestingly, the NFL guys made the choice to do 2 stops, whereas the 2 teams that went to London were arriving “later” than they were by a few hours – and then of course wound up beating them, by virtue of the fact that they only had one plane change. So perhaps – if it’s just a matter of a few hours – to take the most direct flight/trip? Man, that’s a tough question. Because it could put you that many hours behind if “everything goes right” – perhaps to ask about the weather in the stop-over spot? Or how often flights are delayed out of it? Anyway – just something to ponder ;-)

d.  Teaming Up. The ER doctors and the affianced couple wound up on the same flight, or somehow “together.” There was a choice where the teams either had to do “Miles or Tiles” – they chose “Miles” which meant taking a huge compass (as in a protractor/compass not a “magnetic” compass) out to a map and “measure” Magellan’s travels, then say how much it was in miles. What they did was work together – they guys carried the huge compass between the points, the gals did the math. That worked SUPER well – the interesting thing was that the Afghanimals and the Ice Queens had “paired up” and ALSO went to do that event, but the guys said “oh, we’ll take care of you” which was stupid, because they couldn’t figure out how to do it (and the girls couldn’t either). That’s a learning for basically “don’t let another team do things for you, they might be stupid.” :-) The gals – smartly – gave up and went to do the “Tiles” and said they’d “meet the guys there” – which they did. The “Tiles” was putting tiles together into a mosaic. Again, it was interesting to watch – the “exes” (who of course have an Express Pass still – AND the extra Express Pass) tried to put the mosaic up on the vertical as they were putting it together – stupid, because they kept dropping the tiles and BREAKING them. The Afghanimals did the same thing – but the gals who did it all laid it out on the floor FIRST then put it up on the vertical. Hello! Don’t mess with gravity! LOL.

e. STAY WITH THE PACK! In the case of the NFL guys, AND the Bingo Boys, they lost out because they went “a different direction” than the bulk of the pack. I think in each case they were trying to “get a jump on” the rest of the competitors, but if you’re not first (e.g., this time there have been a “first bus” and a “second bus,” a “first plane” and a “second plane” etc.) then just suck it up and stick with all the folks that are taking the second method. It seems that the potential of getting “a jump” on the folks in the second “transportation method” is FAR outweighed by the potential that you wind up getting screwed – as BOTH the Bingo Boys AND the NFL guys found out.

I think those were the main learnings – maybe R has some others. The Episode was basically to get out of Chile on a plane to Sao Paulo, Portugal, get on a numbered tram to a destination, pick up an oil painting of a carriage (then asking someone “what does this mean?” and the answer was to go to the Coach Museum), get a clue at the Coach Museum which was the “Miles or Tiles” event, then take a taxi to a Renaissance Faire-esque reenactment where one of the team had to shoot a stationary crossbow (with a wooden crank) at a shield and pierce it (the clue was on the back) – in full chainmail – then back in the taxi to a castle up on a cliff, where Phil was. Oh – I guess that’s another learning – the whole Taxi/Directions issue – the team that was in first had a taxi that EITHER went the wrong way OR they told the taxi to go a different way that was not the right way (it was unclear) – and so they wound up coming in 2nd. There were signs on signposts going up a mountain to where the castle was, and I couldn’t figure out if the taxi driver took a wrong turn, or if he was going the right way and they turned him around the “wrong” way. It was unclear – but it’s a learning – keep your eye out. OMG and also one of the teams, the taxi rear-ended another car – badly!!! – but for SOME reason the person who was rear-ended said they could keep going!! That was unbelievable!!!

From the clips that they show for Episode 4, the ER doc woman gets some sort of clue, and the pink-haired woman of the ex’s tries to get it from her, but the ER doc says that she’ll trade the info for the Express Pass that the ex’s have extra. Smart, smart, smart. I think R is right – these folks are SUPER smart, and they might actually win because of it. (Though I was mad at her because she was one of the “speaking Spanish to the Portuguese taxi driver” people.)

Now it’s noon – I’ve read through email (no work…) and if I do it, yoga is at 1:30, then I have work-study at the yoga studio (so I get the yoga for free) from 2:30-5:00. Mondays are sort of busted for that reason. I REALLY gotta get to yoga – I did go last week! – because otherwise I’m spending this time doing the work-study for nothing.

UPDATE: Did Yoga – for the work study/TAR “event” see tomorrow ;-)


4 thoughts on “Day 47 – TAR Episode 3 learnings; weight PRs; food journal

  1. First, let me say, I was blind, but now I see. I went to the eye doctor today and for the months of worrying about the cost of replacing the lens from what I assumed was a botched cataract surgery, I discovered they could laser away the fog and they only charged me $260, not the $3300 I was expecting. I CAN SEE. 20/20. Except for still needing readers. Next thing up is the hip. I took a two hour walking tour of the Petersen Automotive Museum on Saturday and that hip was squeaking at me the entire time, but as long as I was standing square on it, it was fine. I don’t know what that’s about, but since I SAVED so much DOUGH on my EYES, I think I better find an orthopedist and have it looked at.

    Re TAR last night. One of the teams knew it was Portuguese and gave the Aghanimals what for. It was the woman who said her uncle is Portuguese. So I guess it was one of the “wives.” Not that the boys cared. They continued to trill in Spanish. I spent a lot of timing thinking about the NFL boys’ demise. They said something really telling midway through their fiasco, that they have done a lot of traveling, but someone else always makes the arrangements, and they just have to show up. Remember the bus problem? They didn’t ask when the bus arrived at the other end, they asked when it was leaving. Also, in general, you never take a trip with multiple plane changes. You always choose the most direct flight to eliminate the possible hitches, and the earliest the better. That same airline rep who screwed up their dates (and I have to say, there was some editing going on here and we never hear the NFLers tell her the date they needed), well, she and another rep ended up putting other teams on flights that showed up at 9 and 11 am. What was that about? Some arrived at 7 am, others got in at noon, but there were two flights that arrived in between. I’m not sure we got the whole story about that. Lesson learned: always check the options thoroughly. Don’t just be glad you’re getting on the 7 am flight. Find out what else is available.

    I was really wondering what was going to happen to the exes if they showed up last with two express passes!! Would one have saved them if they used it earlier? If they just showed up on the mat with both in hand and were last, would they have been eliminated? I really wanted to see what would happen there. They’re playing the express pass to a huge bad karma disadvantage. If the ER docs get it, they will have so deserved it.

  2. OMG so excited re your EYES!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s AMAZINGLY good news!!!!!!!!! Whoot whoot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yup, I do remember the NFL guys saying that re “just having to show up” – and you’re right, that really IS telling. And I do remember too re one of the “wives” saying that her grandfather was Portuguese.

    Actually remember last season, the couple that had the Express Pass showed up last, and were eliminated – they were “Eliminated with the pass still on them” and that was a BIG deal as in “first ever in TAR history.” Now, I’m not sure what would happen to the OTHER pass – I imagine that it would “get eliminated” too. Completely agree re the “bad karma” thing and that pass. I mean, didn’t pink hair girl say to the baseball wife – the one that she’d “promised” the pass to because her husband and the ex had played ball together – that since baseball wives got the #1 spot through going to the airport lounge, she was “dead to her”…? I mean – come off it. She’s really pretty awful. They’re great characters though – as you said, there was a LOT of editing a L-O-T…and so it’s also possible that the teams are “Edited to seem”(possibly) worse than they are. At least, I hold out hope on that! LOL

    It was also interesting that some of the group went to the travel agency (the TAR wiki says you have to go to a travel agency or the airport – you can’t just “find a computer” and do it that way any more) and some went straight to the airport. I’m not sure what would be the best bet in that case. It was a little disjointed, and as you said, I think it’s because we didn’t see everything.

  3. I think your point about life experiences (ie the airport lounge) is good. The NFLers traveled a lot, but not knowing the basics of getting themselves up and around tripped them up. Between the two of us we probably have quite a bit of experience though I would NEVER have thought to check out the airport lounge. I just assumed they check your credentials at the door and don’t let you in. How does that work?? I’m going to bomb into one the next opportunity I have and see if I get thrown out. Oh, right about having the pass on you and still getting eliminated. I forgot about that. Yes, I heard pinkie say that. It really was awful. I guess we’ll have to be funny, cuz I don’t do awful.

  4. We have a card that gets us into first class lounges. H travels SO much that he carries it with him. Now, I’m fairly sure they will not allow you to bring things like that with you, but if you “know how they work” I think you can just go in and ask. ALSO – again – I think that walking in with a camera and sound man has a bit of “cache” (how do you spell that word) to it, no? We didn’t see what they said, but if ~I~ were to do it, it would go something like this: “Hey, as you can see, we’re in the middle of a TV show and have been tasked with finding the fastest way to get to Sao Paulo from here. My husband is a platinum express member, and so we’ve used lounges before and I know that you guys are not only amazing, but also can help us out. Would you?” It’s all the truth. ALSO, you can use a first class lounge (little known fact) for $$. The thing that I wondered (and I’m pretty sure is true) is whether the baseball wives just stayed up in the lounge until it was time to go. They have beds, internet, food, wine, etc. They’re great – some better than others – but generally great. SO if you WANTED to bomb into one (probably not the best choice of words LOL), you could, even if you do not have a membership – IF you pay. Granted, it’s not cheap, but H has found it worth it if we are somewhere that doesn’t take “his” membership (sometimes there are different “licensees” that run the first class lounges – so “yours” is either way-hay-hay the other side of the airport, or not there) and we have a long lay-over. I want to say when we were coming back from Peru, where we had to go Peru to somewhere in South America (don’t remember where) then to Miami with a long lay-over, then home, the one in South America didn’t have “our” first class lounge, but he paid for us to use the one they had. The Miami one had both “licensees” of first class lounges, and ours happened to be the “nicer of the two” (it even had a “super oxygenated” sleeping room where you put your plane ID on a chalk board and they come wake you up when you need to go) – sometimes though if as I said it’s a huge airport (LAX) and ours is literally a tram ride from our boarding gate, he’ll pay for the other one.

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