Day 45 & 46 – more “working crossfit” – and recommitment

So – yesterday (Saturday) was a 40 minute run with Team In Training (Sendoff for the Nike Marathon), then more “working crossfit” building our patio area. Granted – H does a lot more of the lifting than I do – but I do enough! (You can see some of the photos of the quartzite “WOD” HERE on my Instagram feed.)

Today we’re going to theatre with my Mom and Dad (Berkeley Rep) – and then it’s Episode 3 of The Amazing Race.

I have the Nike Marathon a week from today – so next week I’m going to be working on stretching/etc. at Crossfit, plus one exercise. I think I talked about this before: I spoke with both Bo and Anthony, and they pointed out that there are SO many exercises in Crossfit that it’s best to pick one at a time and really “get” it, then move on to the next. I’ve decided to work on pull-ups, because it’s just upper body. This will keep my legs “free” and “resting” for a week before the marathon.

One of the things that I realized a few weeks back is that I seem to only be able to “hold onto” one big life change at a time. It’s like, if I’m doing one, I want to get my “treats” from the other. What does that mean? I was SUPER good with eating, especially when I was doing the DietBet with my friends. But I wasn’t so good with working out – I was way more of a couch potato in fact. Then, when I started doing the working out, I stopped paying attention to diet. No – worse – I got really bad with it! Of course it doesn’t help that my husband likes how I cook, and we have a big wine cellar ;-)

So today, starting tomorrow, I’m recommitting to the food “thing.” When I saw my doctor (I have some health issues that have cropped up recently), he said in his typical New York Jewish way (said with great love), that “now that I’m over 50” I have to stop eating “like I’m 20” because I’ve “reached the time in my life when I can’t have babies, and so my metabolism has ratcheted way down so that the rest of the tribe doesn’t put me out on the ice floe.” Thanks, Doc (laugh) – but I know that’s true. Sad, but true.

I use Jillian Michael’s BodyBugg (I wear it 24/7) – and I was recording all my food on her website – and will be again, starting Monday.

SIGH! I hate doing that, but I really need to get a grip on this, and I also know it’s (those dreaded words!) “Good for me.”

Besides, who wants to be put out on the ice floe?!?



4 thoughts on “Day 45 & 46 – more “working crossfit” – and recommitment

  1. No ice floe for you or me. I need to get back to the store and look for a couple new pair of jeans. The ones I have keep falling off me. I have to shuffle down the street to the bank with my hands in my pockets just to hold them up. Not very stylish. It’s a combination of less alcohol and making better attempts at more fruits and veggies. I did do a storebought pizza the other day and refused to look at the calories. I ate it all. Med pepperoni. Well done. Meantimes veggie kabobs in the broiler, white onion, Anaheim pepper, brown mushrooms, olive oil, and roasted fingerling potatoes.

  2. LOL re pizza/calories. What size do you think you are? I wonder if I have any here I could just send to you. ;-) Actually – apparently there is a Levi’s (Levi’s!) women’s cut that are sort of more “curvy jeans” – meaning, they have had them made for the “athletic woman’s body” (as in, bigger thighs and bigger butt). I heard a couple of the girls at Crossfit raving about them.

  3. I hope I’m a 14 now that the 16s are too big. It’s too much to hope for a size 12. I’m apple shaped still, btw, no waist to speak of, and no butt. It’s all in the front. I’m going back to Bloomies this week.

    Your carting boxes of jugs of soap sounds exactly like a TAR task. Remember the exes, pinkie was slinging two bags of salt on her shoulders…at 60 lbs each. That was actually pretty impressive.

  4. Yeah, I thought the same re pinkie and the bags. They keep showing clips of her and her ex in what looks like a crossfit box. I have to say that the whole “upper body thing” is a huge “downer” for me in a way – in that I have none! – but also I’m very VERY motivated just because of the whole TAR thing! And there you go, you can see why it is that I started this 365-TAR thing for me. It’s because I tend to think of myself as a LOT “better” in various areas than I actually am. So by investigating things a year out, I’m finding out that, um, no, I am not a 20-something Marine-fit woman any more, and I still have “runway” to do something about it.

    As for carting boxes of jugs of soap/TAR – yup, I thought so ;-) BTW, no bruise on my forehead. I really did think I’d have one, I hit it that hard. It’s still a little sore but no bruise. (Phew)

    Ah, I’m a pear, for sure (not an apple) so even though I have some 14s that might fit (I’m down to 12s nearly to 10s if they’re the right shape), I think they’re wrong. I have the big booty small waist problem.

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