Day 43 – Crossfit, “Shiny Penny” PT Certification

anniekettlebellswing_2So the WOD for today is:

Run 200M
10 Goblet Squats 1.5/1 P kettlebell
10 KBS (Kettle Bell Swings)
10 Pushups

Not too sore from Crossfit yesterday – Trish and I basically sandbagged the last Wednesday LLS/TNT run, because the coach talked for so long that it was DARK before we headed off, and I was too scared to run! Seriously…it was “dusk” and my eyes just aren’t so good. If you’re going to ask for someone to go do something when it’s dusk (to dark), require a headlamp. I was kinda sad that we basically just walked – then we sat in Sports Basement because it was not only dark but COLD outside while they were doing their last rounds of Core – then came home.

H said he’s going to come to Crossfit tonight – he hasn’t been in a week, since he’s been working on our outdoor patio area. We have these HUGE slabs of quartzite that the contractor is supposed to be placing the way H wants them to – and we all know that if H wants something a certain way, in reality, he has to do it.

So a friend gave me a $100 Groupon certificate – and another friend (and law client) sent me a Groupon notification, that would cost $109 to get. (They were literally like a few hours from each other.) She had signed up for the classes, and I think wanted company.

us-pennySo now – SHINY PENNY! – I have signed up to get an NAFC Certification.

You’d think I never have any work to do, wouldn’t you? Interestingly enough, I do – it’s just that my work is big bursts of time concentrating (at $300/hour) and then I have “breaks” that I do things like blog (smile), work out, shop, etc. It’s not like I “need” another certification (hardly), but since my friend is going to do it, and since this is all stuff I’m CRAZY interested in, I thought (given the timing – free certificate then BLAM a class just about that price) that I’d go for it.

I know, I said shiny penny already . . .

As a separate note, I have pretty much decided that next week I do want to start working on pullups. I’m going to check with Bo tonight to see what he thinks, but that’s my thought right now. Things like pushups are just a non-starter for me with the shoulder but (strength apart) so far I haven’t had issues with pullups in re my shoulder, so I think that’s a good place to begin.

2 thoughts on “Day 43 – Crossfit, “Shiny Penny” PT Certification

  1. In answer to my internal question, doesn’t she ever work????
    I’m checking into French classes. If I’m going to make Catherine Breillat take English classes, maybe I should take some French.

  2. sounds good re French classes. I think I saw on Twitter that TAR Episode 3 is going to be in Portugal. I did download a Portuguese CD :-) As for working – yes, so by example, I worked 3 hours yesterday, so that’s $900.

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