Day 38

Last night, WAY too much champagne (which now seems to be about three glasses). Made a nice dinner; just wanted to have a drink! H, of course, “obliged” me. Not good, but what can I say – ?!?!

Today, mentor run (meaning, I walked) for 60 minutes in Mill Valley. While I was walking, listened to one of the Spanish Language CDs that I had on my iTouch.

Now lying on the couch trying to get up the energy to go and shower. Taking Mom and Dad out to an art gallery thing then dinner for their anniversary tonight – also going to Skype Caleb and Dad together.

Arms sore from yesterday!

Was super bad this morning reading my Pinterest feed. Laughing out loud! Now I know how folks get addicted to the dang thing. I didn’t “get it” until (duh) I was following some boards myself. Now I’m hooked ;-)