Day 110 (December 16 2013) – A new start…

I sooooo didn’t want to do this.

Last night, I finally talked to my nutritionist about the blood tests I took a week or so ago. Any time that your nutritionist calls you again – and again – over the weekend, you know something is up.


I also did the “dunk tank” body composition (read: waterboarding) on Saturday – and that was depressing too . . . do I need a HUGE load of depressing “data” about myself to actually get a move on? I think that the answer is YES.

Well – let me catch up, first, since I haven’t blogged in a while:

Thursday: Went to the Bullivant holiday party at La Folie – it was fab (of course). Was out drinking rich-rich food and wine until like 11 p.m.

Friday: Got up, realized it was time for WODPenance, even though H had a meeting and I didn’t want to go. Went. Did it.

10 RFT
200m run
8 snatch 35/25kg
5 burpee

Mainly ran with Tracy (the Hong Kong gal) – we actually were just the same pace running (read: “not so fast”). For the snatches, I did it with the swirly bar (10 lbs.) – it wasn’t exactly heavy enough because I just worked on the “arm portion” – didn’t “have to” squat to get it up – hard to explain.

For the 5 burpees, up to about 6 rounds, I did the “hopping over the dumbbells” thing (2 dumbbells, jumping from left to middle to right, then back for 1). Unfortunately by the 6th round it really hurt my knee (laterals) – so I moved to doing squats holding onto the 25 kg stack. All the equipment was in the middle of the room, scaffolding, etc. because of the remodel, so we had to be careful not to touch the walls, etc. (It was pretty funny.) Just finding the equipment you wanted was tough. For example, the warmup included 3 minutes of double unders (or 5 of regular singles) – and we were all running around trying to figure out where the jump ropes were (over in the gymnastics room). LOTS of work – Bo came to be Coach and his eyes were so red – I don’t think he’s been sleeping more than like 2 hours a night with all the remodelling, since he’s driving it.

Friday night, once again, had a paleo cookie chowfest.

Listened to David Asprey’s podcast, and he had Jonathan Bailor on, who was SUPER interesting. His new book “The Calorie Myth” is coming out December 31st, so I signed up for that and a bunch of his podcasts to listen to on the way to Concord the next day (Reindeer Games).


Did the “body composition analysis” a/k/a dunk truck a/k/a – hello – WATERBOARDING. O-M-G! NOW I get how Joy at GirlsGoneWod podcast totally had a crazy time doing it. INSANE…Sheri (from the box) was the one who called it waterboarding and I just laughed and laughed – IT WAS SO WATERBOARDING!!!

I had done the body comp with the impedence machine with Kat/Bay Club, and it came out at 23 percent, which was fine, and I have to admit, it didn’t really push me very dramatically. Obviously, since I’ve been having my chowfests!

This one – FAR more specific – came out yeah a WEE BIT DIFFERENT.

Body Fat Percentage? 29.2% – 53.1 pounds. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is just NOT OKAY. It’s depressing AS HELL frankly. This is way far below the “high set point line” that is more around 21-22% (which is what the Bay Club said I was at).

What does this mean . . . losing fat only, I’d need to lose about 19 pounds of fat to be at a better set point. And – ta da! – that’s about what I’ve been saying (but not really doing all that much towards) – for a year.

The great thing, though, is that Jonathan Bailor really seems to have taken the Rosedale information and his book is based on that. I’m getting a little excited. Moreover, I signed up for his book now, and so I got a bunch of free stuff from – so the plan is to read through it and perhaps get started today.

On his first podcasts, Bailor (and Carrie Brown, his co-host) analogize the idea of why we can’t get out metabolism/set point/etc. where we want to a clog in a shower. If you have a clog of hair in your shower, just bailing water out of the backed up water, or taking fewer showers, etc. does NOT fix things. You have to pull the clog out (icky!) – which is re-setting your set point – and then you’re going to be good. So it’s not “eat less/exercise more” and it’s not taking the wrong road (which can be worse than doing nothing at all).

Similarly, once you re-set your set point, if you “go off the ranch” and eat stuff not good for you, it’s like a little bit of hair falling down the shower now and again.

Another thing Bailor talks about is a quote by Emmanuel Kant – basically, that if you can’t do it FOREVER then don’t do at all. He also talks about how this is really more like someone “going” vegetarian or eating a certain way due to religious strictures – once you’ve “decided” then (like a vegetarian quitting meat for moral reasons) it’s not “hard” to give things up just like it’s not “hard” for a vegetarian to pass a nice juicy steak.

Bailor also talks about e-centric exercises 20 minutes/week – not sure what that is, listening to the podcasts now to find that out. (Carrie Brown makes a point that they are HARD even though they’re “only” 20 minutes/week.)

How unusual – I’m wandering . . . (laugh)

FROM THE WATERBOARDING, I went to Concord to support The Cavers (Martin, Mark, Karen and Ashley) at the Reindeer Games. Long story short, they came in second! It was quite the story at the end. I took about 400 photos, culled them down to about 200, and sent them to them, which made me feel good. Looks like Mark was actually in the Crossfit Games – WOW. And now they know who “I am” which is good too.

I managed to forget to wear my BodyBugg, but I was running around like crazy (while trying to stay out of the way of the athletes, etc.) Carol Wu from Ironteam was a volunteer – SO GREAT to see her and catch up a wee bit.

Bought a jump rope – not like that WILL get me to doing double unders (and I SO can’t tell H that I bought a jump rope…especially a $30 jump rope “made for me” LOL) – but Carol actually said that she took a clinic with the folks who make the ropes and she can now do double unders – she gave me a couple tips which sounded like good points.

Came back from the Games to the box, and then sort of “worked” the Christmas Party because they didn’t have enough folks who could. Set up and “womanned” the wine and beer table, and Margo hung with me most of the time, which was great. Ate fine while I was there (they had Tara Firma Farms meat – nice!), but then took cheese home for H, and of course, chowed down on it. NOM NOM NOM (bad girl).

Came home to messages from my nutritionist to call her NOW regarding my thyroid and leptin levels. I did text her whether I was, like, going to die or anything – no, but then she called me again Sunday….

Worked outside with H, got more cleaned up. Walked over the hill to San Anselmo for breakfast – once again had “stomach issues” though stuck with poached eggs, but this time on meatloaf with tomatoes – I just think that they have to use something on where they cook the meatloaf/bacon/whatever that I’m reacting to. This time, we did a little shopping in San Anselmo (didn’t buy anything, just looking), so that was way better than last time when we walked straight back home and I had “an accident” (TMI) before we got there. This time, I was able to “have a blowout” (T-M-I-!) in the coffee roastery bathroom instead of 1/2 way back up the hill.

Listened more to podcasts – cleaned house – etc. I’m sure I did more. I do know that today I realized I haven’t done the planks (what is WRONG WITH ME) for a while. Gotta start again.

Caught up with my nutritionist finally Sunday evening – and my thyroid hormones are TOTALLY out of whack. Interestingly, she thought my leptin was “fine” at 13.1 but Rosedale says that anything over 10 is way whacked. Supposed to be more like 4-6 (ml/dL or whatever it is). So now I know, my leptin is whacked, and my thyroid is way whacked even though I’m on 2 meds now. She thinks that one of the meds should be about 3x what I’m taking now. So I have those lab results in to the endocrinologist.

I will admit that the thing that tipped the “scales” (as it were) was the 30% body fat PLUS the leptin completely in the resistance range (WELL over the line). I gotta get this fixed. So of course I drank champagne and ate cheese, cheese, cheese ;-)


Yeah. so didn’t make it to Crossfit today. Right now, I have 15 minutes to decide if I’m going to go to yoga. MUST GO! I mean – seriously…The problem is that I will have yoga, working at yoga, going to Sheri’s Xmas party, then fire dancing (!!) with Moddie all in a row. I guess that’s okay – it’s just that generally I’d rather go to Sheri’s and out with Moddie without having wet hair pulled back after yoga shower (I do Bikram – hence – shower required).


NOTES (SANE eating regime e.g. from “The Calorie Myth” plus a Crossfit max):

SANE = S.atiety, A.ggression (how LIKELY something is to be stored as fat), N.utrition, E.fficiency (how MANY of the calories can be stored of what you eat as fat). These clear your metabolic clogs. (want to feel sated, to be high in nutrition, and LOW in Aggression and Efficiency).

SNATCH: 10 lb “swirly bar” – not enough. GO UP.