Day 10 – “Five Hundred Miles…Five Hundred Miles…”

Yeah if you’re an old fart like me just reading that will get an earworm going, if not, click HERE

SO today – Day 10 …. ‘The big One-Oh!’ (LOL!) … I did the 14 mile run with Team In Training. And yes, I had done something odd with my groin muscle a week or so ago, but I did a 5-2 Galloway, so I was slow, and also willing to turn around (it was an out-and-back) if ANYTHING twinged. Sadly (ha!) nothing did, so I did the whole thing.

I was DEFINITELY tired at the end, and ate a bunch of whole-scale crapola (bagel with cream cheese, string cheese, nuts) because I was also hungry. Hadn’t brought quite enough Infinit to see me through the workout, which was mainly due to having to get up at the butt-crack of dawn to get there. (I was almost out of the house before I realized “oh, oops – nutrition.” Then I only brought my bottle with a scoop, plus one more scoop. Duh.)

Hung out a bit, then went by Andy’s – cutest/best local grocery store anywhere – and got my ice bath “cart” of 2 50-pound sacks of ice, a Coke, a cup of coffee, and some chocolate milk. The gal checking me out was all “Training again?” Yeah, what clued you in…? It was funny. So love my Andy’s.

Curled up in bed after my ice bath, listened to the end of the Girls Gone WOD Podcast, and posted some things to their Facebook page, plus made a donation in their favor for a Barbells for Boobs thang that they’re doing. If you want to surprise the hell out of them too, HERE is the website to make a donation. They really have a fun podcast, and one of the things in their latest episode that was funny was Joy – the older of the 2, who was a vegan – heard her “idol” on the Bulletproof Exec podcast and is now going Paleo. The thing that’s interesting about that is that I actually heard that same podcast and, whilst not vegan, it made a LOT of sense to me…then in the first episode of the Girls Gone WOD podcast Joy says that she’s vegan and I’m all thinking “Wow, I wonder what she’d think if she were to hear that Bulletproof Executive podcast interviewing this guru-woman of vegans who has now gone Paleo” and – SHAZAM – 9 episodes later, she references it.

I am so all powerful.

Hear me Roar! ;-)

Yeah, I think I’ve had too much sugar for two lifetimes . . . LOL.