Bond Girl standingCan’t wait to start actualizing your awesome Bond grrl self? Here are all the websites referenced in fEmpowerment: A Guide to Unleashing Your Inner Bond Girl. On the other Resources pages, you’ll find books, DVDs, music, and more to help you on your mission. We think they’ll whet your appetite for coaching.

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Folks That Inspire Me

I Can’t Do Without

Oprah Winfrey Podrunner
Abraham Hicks Commander Bond
Suze Orman Being James Bond
Jon Hanson Motivation to Move
Self Appeal (body Image) Fitness Rocks!
S-Factor Behind the Bar Show
Mikki Williams Shel Horowitz/Frugal Fun
Susan Keane Baker Epicurious (recipes)
The Coaching Compass Mindful Eating
Brian Tracy Alissa Kriteman
  Linda Miller
   Dr. Laura Berman: Better Sex

Health and Sexuality


Sexuality after Cancer Treatment Freecycle
Sexuality and Cancer Princess Project
Conditions which Affect Sexuality Image For Success
Improving Your Sex Life Post-Cancer  
Very Erotic Non-Invasive Sex (VENIS)


Be Proud of Your Curves Contract Promise
Real Age (search for “Orgasm” for U.S. Passport Applications
great facts and suggestions) The Actresses Behind the Bond Girls

SendOutCards: The Ultimate in Relationship Management

Bond Films

Bond Grrls and “Bondology”

Books and DVDs


For You And Your James

For His Eyes Only

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