BONUS INTERVIEW PODCAST: Erin Doland from (subtitle: How Not to Get Divorced Before You Get Married – Decluttering and Moving In Together)

In this Coffee Chat with Experts, we meet Erin Doland from  We Learn:

* How the Unclutterer Got Started, including all about Mazes of Stuff and the Bud Lite Bottle rising from the Dead/Rubbermaid Coffin (cue scary music);

*  How to terrorize soon-to-be-husbands (N.B.: Mazes of stuff will do it);

*  Dealing kindly with a Packrat;

*  How to start the decluttering process, be dispassionate, and communicate;

*  Two great ways to diminish the “mine v. yours” struggle;

*  How to discuss what “Simple Living” means to each of you and how to imagine living together as one;

*  Your Toaster or Mine: How to deal when the space won’t hold it all (especially two of everything);

*  Who are You, Really: What new and exciting thoughts you could entertain about decluttering and how not to drag the anchor of the Old You, along with all of her dead/post energy and stories, into your new life; and

*  A whole lot more!

I hope you enjoy this podcast, and please let me know if there are other experts you might like to hear interviewed on our Coffee Chats. We sure had fun doing it – you might just listen to give you a smile!

Here are the links to Erin’s two interviews on the Precision Change podcast: Tired of the Crap? Become an Unclutterer! and What is Clutter Costing You? Just to have it all in one place, here is the summary link to all the uncluttering entries I’ve made on the website.  If you have my book, you know that the entire Chapter 1 is dedicated to this topic… You can’t release your Inner Bond Girl if you can’t find her under the Piles of Stuff!!!

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14 thoughts on “BONUS INTERVIEW PODCAST: Erin Doland from (subtitle: How Not to Get Divorced Before You Get Married – Decluttering and Moving In Together)

  1. I like the Podcast, but please eliminate the introduction section. It took three minutes (!) Before we got to any actual content. The piece was introduced three times. Please keep the intro down to 20 seconds max. It will keep your listeners interested.

  2. Hi Sharon:

    Thanks for the tip – it’s tough when some folks say do one thing, some say do another. I had a very short introductory bit in the beginning, then folks said I had to do an intro, etc. – hey, I’m still learning. I will try that next time! Thanks again!


  3. Quite good, liked this podcast.

    For me it can be resumed in: If you want to declutter your place, you should learn how to talk with your partner and convince her(him) about how great it is to live in a simple uncluttered house.

    Thank you for the podcast

  4. @Reader: Hey, welcome, and thanks for the kudos. I’m not quite sure what you mean with “it can be resumed in”? But I certainly do agree that talking with your partner and understanding their views on living more simply — and what clutter “is” to him or her — is THE best way to start! Good point!

  5. This was an excellent podcast and well worth the 40 minutes. I liked all the concrete examples, and there was a lot more than just how to combine households.

  6. @Michele: Thank you so much for your kind words! If you’re in “Spring Cleaning” mode, I put a link to the other podcasts and blogs on the site that have to do with the subject, which I hope will be helpful. My aim is to have concrete examples that are useful and do-able — so thank you so much for saying the words that are “music to my ears!” Have a wonderful week and have fun Unleashing Your Inner Bond Grrrrl! :-) Sandy

  7. Love the swanky intro music, Sandy! :) Great interview with Erin. She’s a great guest, eh?

    And thanks for the links to our interview with her.

    Keep on creating great podcasts,

  8. Hi,
    I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

  9. Be A Bond Girl » Blog Archive » BONUS INTERVIEW PODCAST: Erin Doland from (subtitle: How Not to Get Divorced Before You Get Married – Decluttering and Moving In Together)Hey, nice post, very well written. You should write more about this.

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