BONUS INTERVIEW PODCAST: Dr. Monte from Fitness Rocks

This Coffee Chat podcast is with Dr. Monte of Fitness Rocks. I like to call Dr. Monte the Dr. Oz of the Internet. He brings medical information and education to lay people like Dr. Mehmet Oz does on Oprah — but in perhaps even a more amazing way… because he’s doing it for free! Dr. Monte has given up medicine to follow his empassioned path of helping get the word out on the amazing medical research being done every single day in the area of Health & Lifestyle.

In their practices, doctors have very pretty (or handsome) drug reps appearing at their offices weekly, to sell them the best new pill or potion (and to take them out on expensive golfing trips and luncheons — hey, my dad’s a doctor, this is the truth). Dr. Monte offers the other side to anyone who will listen — perhaps I should call him an “un-drug” rep. As you can imagine, there isn’t someone out there paid by any deep-pocket company to flog exercise, vegetables, and meditation to combat the pharmaceuticals — so I sincerely thank Dr. Monte for taking on this somewhat daunting job with all the passion and energy that this information deserves. You can change your life, and a great first step is listening to Dr. Monte’s podcast!

I hope you enjoy this podcast, and please let me know if there are other experts you might like to hear interviewed on our Coffee Chats.

And since some of you asked… next podcast will be a “regular” one — I promise!

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