Big Sur

I brought along a magnesium fire starter and then discovered two things. I am too fat to squat comfortably on the ground long enough to start a fire. I had to get a camp chair and lean over the fire pit. I doubt that will be available to me in the wilderness. The other thing is that you need very fragile tinder to catch sparks. Grocery bag won’t do, too dense. I organized the only “hike” (more like a walk) with my three co-campers. We did a half mile round trip up and down hills on the coast to see a tidal waterfall in Julia Pfeifer State Park. Gorgeous, but another reminder that my outdoor walking/hiking needs a lot of work. I’ve been walking on water-packed sand  at the beach, the board walk or the treadmill at the gym and none of these are any kind of comparable.Completely apart from alcohol, I need to be better about my diet because indigestion has been a problem for several months. I was reminded several times on that walk to the falls that I will feel better not just when I lose weight, but won’t have the gastro issues I currently have. Spicy food (a favorite) needs to be watched, and rather than eating two bigger meals, several smaller noshes would help. Yogurt, too.The woods were lovely dark and deep, but sockless me at night had very cold feet.

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  1. Oh dear re squatting! I just posted my story about “learning to squat” today at Crossfit ;-) I totally understand the tinder thing. I remember in the last TAR that they had to start a fire doing the “twirling the stick” thing – and they had to put tinder that almost looked like “wood hair” into the “hole” of the thing that they twirled the stick in to get it started. Great re the hiking. Julia Pfeifer is gorgeous. I have as part of my “plan” to start walking/running in the hills across from my house – doing that instead of running/walking on the treadmill or the street is a whole different animal, since you need to watch out for roots, undulations, etc. I have been following the “eating plan” that’s a PDF on the Bulletproof Executive website, which is somewhat odd, but is really working quite well for me. I’m also taking some ideas from Kimberly Snyder’s “Beauty Detox Solution” – which basically has to do with smoothies. H got me a “Nutribullet” which basically grinds up stuff so fine (a la Vitamix but $200+ less) that it’s as if it is “pre-digested” when you “chew” the smoothie, so it’s easier on your gastro-intestinal system. The theory is that you’re getting all the “good stuff” but our bodies take an ENORMOUS amount of energy to digest food (something like 70%?) and so by smoothie-fying it in a high speed blender, it takes less energy, which leaves more energy for the body to do other things (namely, detoxing). Sounds like a great time!!!

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