Argh – Swim Marker slowin’ down…

Was out today to do a 2,000 swim marker – finished it in 42:18. I actually checked my watch when I was at my 1,000 and it was 21:14 – so I am pretty solid at that time. Teensy negative split.

This means I’m actually slowing down. Grrr! And the funny part was that I thought I was totally “powering through” the marker. Once again, I was time-strapped, and HAD to get out before a certain time, as I had a meeting that I needed to get to. I had done the 1,000s during the “3×3 mini-triathlons” the other weekend at about 24 minutes (give or take), and I knew I had to beat that (or be late for my meeting). I thought that shouldn’t be that tough, since I had done those swims with the knowledge I was going to be biking/running (and repeating) afterwards. However, today, once I “did the math” and went back and looked at my previous times, I was a lot slower. I’m back to marker times like back in November/December! Grrrr!

I’m shocked, frankly. I really did feel like I was powering through the set, and that I was going to be WAY faster than my last marker. Instead, my 100 times have been: 2:08 (200 back in November), 2:14 (800 in December), 2:02 (1,000 in January), 2:04 (1500 in January), 2:01 (1000 in February). 2:10 (2000 in March). My 1/2 Iron was 2250 meters in 54 minutes (not sure how to compare that since I think my current pool is yards).

The email from Sedonia last time (when I slowed from 2:01 to 2:10) was this:

Considering where we are in the season, the magnitude of last weekend’s workouts and the fact that this marker is 1000 yards longer than your last marker I am pleased with these results.
We are getting to the point in the season where getting faster is not the primary goal, but rather being able to go the distance while maintaining a strong, steady and controlled pace is. 
You negative split your swim perfectly and this is a result of the solid base you have established and it is a testament to all the hard work you’ve put forth. 
As the season continues to progress improvements in time tend to slow (and most people actually get a little slower) due to the increased work load and those “sluggish” days seem to occur more frequently.  The key is to keep your eye on the prize, remember why your doing this and celebrate the little things!

Time to “celebrate the little things”!