April 16 (Day 223) – catching up.

Too much going on to blog, do my GiveIt100 videos, etc.

Well, maybe not too much going on – but this thyroid stuff is knocking me for a loop. Can only do one or two things in a day (versus my usual 12,000) and I just have to lie down. It’s so weird.

Yesterday, H wanted to plan our trip to Vancouver Island instead of going to Crossfit. So I made him do Tabatas with me (then film the last “round” so I could put it on GiveIt100.com!). Jump rope, rope climb (just lying down to standing up), situp/pushup, and handstands up against the wall. HERE is the video (remember, GiveIt100.com you can only post 10 second clips).

I’m trying to keep track of what I’m doing every workout in Crossfit – today was:

10 Min Kipping Skill Work – Coach Anthony worked with me on this. I wore my Natural Grips – what a difference! Took a second to get used to them but WOW if you do not have these, go buy them now! Coach Anthony basically had us “rock” our feet as LITTLE as possible, to be sure we are NOT using our legs, but more our core. He also said we had to point our toes. Just basically squeeze your abs (hollow rock), then arch your back (supermans) – and let your feet follow, don’t SWING your feet. He said that until you really had that going, then you shouldn’t use your legs/feet because you’ll never get the “core” part if you start by swinging your legs. Makes sense, actually. And with the Grips I could hold on for 4-5 tries without falling off.

7 Min AMRAP – 3 rounds plus 4
20 Lunge Step – I did this holding onto the upright, because I am working on form, form, form.
12 Pull Up – Did this with the black (80 pound) band and the low box).

14 Min AMRAP – 4 rounds plus 10m row
200M Run – I did 250 row instead, as I’m working the row. Did MUCH better. Put the erg on 6.
10 Burpee – these just suck. Did them as best I could, but I am doing “real” burpees now.

There were pushups in the warmup, and Coach Anthony worked with me on them (me on my knees) to really get my forearms straight. He said folks rarely work specifically on this form fault and it wears you out. Also keeping my elbows right in at my sides. We had jumping rope in the warmup (just 3 minutes of straight jumping) and though he corrected a lot of form faults, he didn’t correct me which made me feel good. He did say I have to work on lunge steps because I have to get away from the vertical – the balance part being part of the exercise. I do know that, but I’m still working on the form. As Coach Bo showed me, I’m stepping backward into the lunge, because that’s a better simulator of the actual move (versus stepping forward but holding on). Also you can really concentrate on stretching out that back leg and getting the knee to the floor.

Day before yesterday (yesterday being Tabatas with H) was:

 Practice Kip Swings – Coach Bill had a different method than Coach Anthony, where he DID want us to swing hard forward, back, then at the next forward, bend at the knee and get enough “oomph” to bend the elbows/approach the bar. I liked Coach Anthony’s way better, because I understand where he’s coming from. If I’d known it then I would have done it (remember, this is “chronologically backwards”)

4 RFT – I have my time in the book, but that’s in the car. ;-)
400M Run
– I did a 500m Row instead, working on form. It still sucked!
15 OHS 20KG – on this, I tried the PVC pipe, Coach Bill said my squat is just so bad not to use the overhead at all. So I squatted down to the short box, but no overhead.
10 Toes 2 Bar – as usual this was just knees up for me. I was REALLY missing the Natural Grips!

For Time – Once again I have my time in the book, but that’s in the car. Will fill in.
– I did 0.75 pood (Orange kettlebell)
Box Jump 20″ – I jumped up to 2 stacked 25k plates. Everyone was stepping up to their box so I felt good to be jumping.

This weekend (again, remember, working backwards) H and I did a lot of gardening again, plus we walked to San Anselmo for breakfast on Sunday (I sent photos on the way to try to entice J to come ;-) ) When we were coming home, we passed a “final final” sale at Roger Barbour, and we wound up getting a few things. That of course started me on a round-robin of cleaning out first the sideboard in the dining room, then the glass cabinet, then the upstairs where there are some kitchen things, then the pantry. H had cleaned the pantry out when we got the new TV (it has to slide back to be put away, so H had to cut some of the shelves in the pantry! He organizes things totally differently than I do. For me, I put (as an example) all the baking things together – so bowls I use in baking, whisks, cookie cutters, pans, etc. Then in other spot is all my ikebana/flower arranging stuff – so bowls/vases for that, “frogs” to hold the flowers, etc. What H did was to take ALL the ceramics and put them together (cooking or not), ALL the glass together, etc. I just followed his lead, moving more of the “serving ceramics” and such into the pantry. It freed up a LOT of space, and it’s much easier to find them than some here, some in the sideboard, some upstairs, etc. Then I moved the good crystal to the sideboard, freeing up the glasses cabinet, and stopping me from panicking that I will knock one down when getting down a glass. That also allowed me to move our good water glasses, etc. (that were UPSTAIRS) down into the sideboard too.

What we had gotten at the Roger Barbour “garage sale” (if you don’t know Roger Barbour) was of course Japanese antique-type stuff. I got a tea caddy, a couple of hand-thrown raku “tea ceremony” tea cups, etc. Then after everything was away, H mentioned that he was surprised I hadn’t put anything we’d gotten out for display on the display shelves in the downstairs half bath. Well, of course, I never thought of it! So that made me clear out the shelves (dusty, dusty) and re-arrange things onto them. I mentioned how odd I thought this was to my Mom and she said that (TMI!) since H would “face” the shelves (they surround the toilet), he would of course notice what was on them, whereas we would not be “examining” them as it were! That made me laugh.

We had Kimmie Powell’s Jahrzeit at Brian’s house on Sunday. It made me SO SAD! I just can’t believe that she’s gone. SERIOUSLY. Brian seems a LOT better, but he was SO bereft. They didn’t have kids, and had been married since I think Kimmie was like 19 and Brian 22 or so – meaning like 35 years. I remember when she’d first passed away (we were in fact in Austria), Brian said he just didn’t know what to do with himself. I’m glad he’s looking a lot better.

One last thing, then I gotta get to work. When getting dressed for Kim’s Memorial, I went to put on my “tried and true” memorial dress. It’s a longish short-sleeved black dress with a nice pattern of leaves on it, buttons in front. Well, I slipped it on my arms, then went to “oomph” it up my back – and it BOUND on my biceps and I got STUCK! Funniest part was that I could move my hands, but I sort of looked like a chicken. I of course immediately texted a friend to tell her I was STUCK (she’s a Crossfitter), then I had to call H to come up and release me. He laughed so hard I thought he was going to fall down the stairs. Frankly, I should have had him take a photo because I KNOW it was funny looking! (Even funnier is this is the SAME DRESS that I slammed into a door on the cruise ship just as we realized that we’d left the key inside – so once again TRAPPED. That time H was trying to convince me to just unbutton “those three wee buttons” that hold the dress together from the front . . . uh, oh, call the purser!

That’s enough of that! Tomorrow I’m subbing at BNI (really wish I hadn’t agreed to do that – would rather go to Crossfit), then Farmer’s Market, then meeting with M and K at Cafe Verde at 11:30 regarding the paleo food company, and then I have my first archery lesson that night in Novato. Tonight is “Skype swap” with J – not quite sure HOW we are going to do this, but I’m sure it will be fun ;-)