Day 84 in my 365 challenge, day 3 in my Plank challenge (30 seconds today – check), day 14 in the SuperHero Challenge.

Did the Crossfit yesterday – didn’t do as well as I would have liked, HOWEVER, I was lifting a LOT of weight.

This morning, it was POURING, and so no one wanted to do the regular Conditioning WOD (which included running), so they all did the INSANE A-B-C WOD which literally took like an hour. I was the ONLY person who did the Conditioning WOD which was:

10 x (200m run, 10 deadlifts, 8 toes to bar). I added 5 lbs to the deadlifts, so now I’m doing 15 kg bar plus 10 kg plates plus 5 lbs (2.5 tiny plates each side). I think I could have done 10 lbs (5 lb small plates each side) but I figure I need to just go slow and keep progressing.

I have a good deadlift position – my only issue is sometimes my hands are too far from my legs on the “up.” Everything else is good.

The toes to bar – or, for me, “hang from the bar, knees up to sitting position and back down” is just a killer. It’s my abs that are the issue, and my back. I just don’t have the “oomph” to do it. By the end, I had to touch down between each one – it stopped me from swinging back which helped me to stay gripped onto the bar, but also it gave me a tiny rest. Jimmy was doing his A-B-C by that bar and kept cheering me on. In fact, everyone – even Karen and Ashley – cheered me on one or two times. It was great, especially as I would head back out for the run in the rain. I had to wipe off my glasses a few times, because I’d come in and fog up! (Pretty funny.)

I learned that a lot of people (Karen and Ashley included) do their deadlifts with one hand pointing forward and one back. Michael says it depends on your forearm strength. If you do it that way, you have your arms “pushing towards” one another, as opposed to with your hands over the bar (like you usually would – e.g., palms towards legs) – so your hands are more like “hooks” and the bar is less likely to roll out due to less forearm or grip strength. That was interesting.

I’m not sure what I can do to get better at things like the toes-to-bar. I think just do them. (laugh) I still want to get a rope to practice on, for Christmas. It actually would be nice to have a bar also somewhere I could hang off of/try to do toes to bar or pullups on. It would have to actually be fixed to a wall, because I’m heavy! ;-) (I keep thinking of Cody’s, that’s in his doorjamb.)

I saw a video from S-Factor L.A. today that also got me back wanting to do pole work again – it’s just so gorgeous. No can do until I’ve lost like 30 lbs! At least I am building up strength!

Time for a shower. It’s still pouring outside.

Tomorrow is the last submission deadline for TAR Applications. I’m really bummed that they extended it. I guess they didn’t get as many as they wanted to get. That bums me out. I mean, think about it – they only take 11 teams. They have to have gotten at least a few 100 videos by the “real” deadline – and then they start doing open auditions (like my cousins went to). That’s a LOT of people to choose from. The fact that they kept it up for 2 extra weeks means that “those of us who” got our videos in on time weren’t “enough”, somehow.

I keep watching our video, and other people’s videos, and even though ours is kinda “ghetto” because of the mishap with P’s mother in law falling ill/passing away, etc., I really like it. It STILL makes me laugh. Sure, there could be some stuff better with it, but it is SO us. I watch others that are posted on YouTube and it just seems that folks are trying too hard. I don’t think we seem that way. It’s not particularly “interesting” – we aren’t hijacking a tuk-tuk in Thailand or pretending to find clues (complete with TAR box, etc.!) like some of the videos I’ve watched – but I’m not sure that’s what they’re really looking for. I think they want to see people as they are. More even than the “big” video we had planned and taped, etc. to be “pieced together” professionally, this one is about as “us” as it can get! Especially as we re-did the doggone thing on an “emergency” basis in a day, to get it in by the deadline.

I guess I’m just obsessing about it, when there’s nothing I can do!

Wrote a Crossfit haiku today to Claire from Girls Gone WOD Podcast, who had mentioned in the Podcast something about haikus. Tweeted it after the killer WOD alone today:

A Crossfit haiku

Chalk dust flutters slowly down

Breathe slow and don’t barf