Holiday Week – A Bit Behind on the Diary

‘Tis the season and all that – which basically means something had to “give” and that something was posting on the blog. Not the training, I’m happy to say!

This week, after the aborted Bike Ride (see previous post), we had Monday off, then Tuesday was an hour of Progressive Load training on the bike trainer followed by a 2350 swim, Wednesday was 1200 meter repeats at the track and a Strength day, Thursday (Christmas Eve) was an hour of long hills and a Pyramid swim (2150), today was Strength and I took the dog on a long hike, catching up on podcasts, especially IMTalk.

So, how’d it go?

Tuesday: Got to the gym to do the Progressive Load training on a trainer bike, so that I could pop straight into the pool afterwards. Got an hour in, and H showed up fit to be tied. Turns out he had gotten all the way to the gym and forgotten his shoes. As I am still doing the bike in my running shoes (soon to end – Santa promises bike shoes), I took my shoes off, and though a bit snug, they fit him. So I quit 1/2 hour early (a bit difficult to do the end of my trainer session in his Fuzzy Clogs) and hit the pool. Was feeling a bit weak in my first pool session back after the week sick; took it fairly easy and enjoyed swimming under the stars.

Wednesday: Running around ALL DAY trying to get various and sundry things done before everything shut down for the Holiday. Was up in Sonoma County, so brought my togs and wound up doing the 4×1200 repeats at the Petaluma High School track. The last time I ran on this track was when I was actually training for (and training others for) my last tri – which was in 2001! Oh lordie lordie. Once again training “under the stars” – it’s an unlit track so I kept the headsets off and my wits about me, but no one was around. Dark Dark Dark. Actually really liked doing the repeats. Breathing felt very good. Didn’t really take notice of my time, but kept my heart rate at a good level throughout.

Thursday: Felt quite virtuous training on Christmas Eve. Did the training set in the garage while H raced against his own clock to get the garage turned into a workshop/bike trainer room before our New Year’s Party. He’s trying to get french doors hung instead of the huge garage door – and of course his Austrian perfectionism had a huge blow when he removed a clamp and had forgotten that the hinges weren’t on. Didn’t break the glass in the door, but did dent the top. I helped him with the door hanging, then did the trainer ride and conned him into going to the gym with me after. Did the swim workout but near the end of the pyramid (ahem) got deathly bored, and instead decided to just do a timed 800 for fun. Came in at 16:02 which is a minute better than last time, which makes me wonder if my mind wandered enough to leave out a lap or two. Ah well! First time swimming in FOREVER with the SUN out. Such a difference. It was quite nice but chilly getting out. Had two good playlists for the Bike and for the Swim – I will use them again and post them later (I’m typing like a demon to get this up before making dinner). Also made a playlist CD for my Mentor Margaret, with whom I will be running on Sunday.

Friday (today): It was just a Strength day, but took the dog up and over the Open Space, catching up on podcasts for about an hour and a half. Lovely, Lovely Day. Still need to do the Strength Training. Hope to fit it in after dinner. Of course, H is now calling his siren song (can a Siren be a man?) of cheese, pate, and champagne in front of the fireplace. Yah, and I wonder how I got 40 lbs overweight?

Tomorrow: 40% chance of rain I REALLY HOPE it does not rain! Have a 45 mile bike ride on the schedule (H and I will go together – that’s what we are to map out, in front of the fire). Then

Sunday: 80 minute Mentor Run – we’ll go out towards China Camp. My Mentor blithely says to me, “Oh, it’s an 8 mile run.” I was trying to psych myself up to ‘gut it out’ – read the schedule a minute ago and it says ‘80 minute‘ run (not 8 miles). I have to post this and immediately shoot her a wee note that an 80 minute run for me is about a FIVE mile run. I think there are only 3 of us – perhaps I’ll bring the dog and she and the other Mentee can run together, then pick Jake and me up on the way back. I’m good with that, and usually wind up having a miserable time if I’m trying to run faster than I feel comfortable with, because I’m with runners whom I’m slowing DOWN. They think that they’re running at an “easy pace” and I haven’t the heart to say my heart rate is usually up around 180. I have done that now 2x this season and it’s immensely disheartening for me and makes me feel like a complete dog. I really don’t want that to happen here, so I think I will BRING the dog, instead of FEELING like one.

Lots more stuff to discuss – especially finding out a LOT about my Mom and Dad’s “life” in Cooperstown. The Chief of the Hospital where Dad was a resident (and Mom was Head Nurse) actually won the Nobel Prize for figuring out bone marrow transplants for Leukemia (Dr. Thomas). As you may know from a previous post, I won the “Spirit Cape” this week, and have been wearing it around shamelessly to spur donations. It spurred Dad and Mom to tell us (H and me) about their time in Coopertown and working with Dr. Thomas. I had NO IDEA about this part of their lives. It’s been fantastic to hear. All because of the Cape – go Cape!

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  1. Good job! The farthest I ever ran in one day was nine miles. And I wore out the dog I was with. I had to drag the dog the last three miles. I had mixed feelings about a human wanting to run farther than a dog wanted to.

    Your path is inspiring, and I’m loving your blog.

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