Wow – Bond Girl Article in Forbes!!!

This morning I checked out – and guess what I found?  A whole op-ed piece on Bond Girls!

As pointed out in Forbes, “Some feminists rail that Bond Girls are hypersexualized and two-dimensional. (They are called girls, after all.)”  But Bond Girls are “generally from working-girls stock…their ranks include an astrophysicist, Oxford professor, pilot..circus [owner]…”

The thing about Bond Girls is that they are ordinary women caught in extraordinary circumstances.  They actually live where a governnment employee on an expense account (a/k/a James Bond) drops into. They have wonderful lives – Bond has to go where he’s told and doesn’t really have an anchor and place. Bond Girls are sensual and have enough time management skills (while otherwise running their enterprises!) to take advantage of this gorgeous guy when he’s in their midst – and in fact, to usually get out of the trouble that he somehow gets them into. They aren’t paid or trained to be spies or to take on action-adventure (a la Charlies Angels, Lara Croft or Sarah Connor from the Terminator movies), but they get on just fine.  They aren’t “Eek Girls.”

I’m going to be smiling all day that Forbes is talking about Bond Girls.  Hey – we know that Bond Girls run their own businesses and manage their own money… I even mention Forbes in my book as a great magazine to read to keep a pulse on All Things $. I love that Forbes is now keeping track of All Things Bond Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl.