(Wo)Man Up…I dare ya ;-)

book cover 2008So, it seems like there will be a gang of us starting Pomroy on Monday. Some of you are shy and PM’ing me about it – some of you are right there in the Comments (love you!)

Here’s what I propose – I’d like to put together a Fempower(R) coaching class to motivate you!

This is how we’ll start…

If you’ve read my book or or its workbook (“Companion Playbook”), you know that one of the chapters is on choosing your ‘Bond Girl name.’ If you don’t have the book, go to Amazon (linked to “my book” in the preceding sentence), click on “Look Inside” (it’s at the top right of the book cover – takes a couple of seconds to show up so wait for it), then scroll forward to Chapter 3, and read the “Creating Yourself” section.


If you’re interested in doing a Fempower(R) workshop together, send your numbers from the previous blog post – your hip-to-waist ratio, and your waist-to-height ratio. Or just say if you’re a pear, avocado, or apple, and if you’re in the “over 0.50 danger zone.”

Don’t forget to send me your Bond Grrl name!!

I will then set up a conference call, and we will all call in (using your Bond Grrl name, naturally), and help motivate one another. In your submission, send a little about you and your life, your weight loss journey, etc.  to yourcardshark [at] gmail [dot] com. I will post them here in a private file before our Fempower(R) telephone workshop.

Now, mind you, I can’t be sure that this program will work for you! I was just so SHOCKED that it worked for ME, starting about Day 9. I wish that circumstances hadn’t been such that I went off it for the past 16 days while travelling.

More shocking was that my husband of decades mentioned that I had changed.

If you’ve been married for a while you sometimes wonder (with great love, of course) whether your partner sees You any more, or if “you” have become just a consolidation of the things that you do “around” him (or  her).

So that’s what I’m suggesting. I’m willing to set up a Fempower(R) tele-workshop on this subject, so we can all help and motivate one another – because, ya know, misery loves company ;-) (JOKE! JOKE! You really won’t be miserable on this eating plan, I swear!)

Attractive Frustrated Hispanic Woman Tied Up With Tape Measure Against a White Background.Love, Solitaire ;-)

P.S.: And for those of you who are PM’ers not commenters – get a gmail account that doesn’t reflect your name (reflect your Bond Grrl name instead!!), then comment ;-) No one will know who you are. And, it’s awesome for the other folks to see what’s going on for you, what your frustrations are, etc. It’s actually also really cathartic for you, too. (As this blog obviously indicates, for me!) I can certainly blog about what you’re sending me, but it’d sure be easier if you did it ;-)

2 thoughts on “(Wo)Man Up…I dare ya ;-)

  1. Hi Sandy! I have been trying to catch up on email and such after this weekend. I’ve ordered my FMD book and companion cookbook, but it won’t be here until Wednesday. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to start today b/c I’ve been at the pool/beach/pool for the last couple of days and knew Memorial Day would not be a possible start day for me… I’m getting my husband on-board, too, so that will help. I’ll use the next couple of days to do my grocery shopping and read as much as possible of the book when it comes in. I’ll also get my pics and measurements done and sent to you. I need the accountability! Every little trick helps. Sorry I’ll be a week behind, but I’ll jump on-board just as soon as I can!

  2. @Kristen – no worries at all about being “a week behind” on this, but I totally get why. GOOD job re getting your hubby on board. Mine is “sort of” on board, in that he is going to be eating what I’m eating for dinner, but he had really good success with the Bulletproof Rapid Fat Loss Protocol, so he’s going to do that for the next 3 days (starting Tuesday/tomorrow). It’s been super interesting for us to see how different our bodies have reacted to different methods of eating. Having a bit longer to prep is going to be great though. Obviously, the blog post just listed some of the foods that are in each Phase – you’ll see once you have the book and have made your “fridge copies” that there are things that you’ll include that I didn’t. An example would be that I’m allergic to fish, so didn’t mention that in the protein section. I also just blogged about my biggest issue – the water drinking part. The book is really great, tho somewhat dense with info (in a good way!). So don’t beat yourself up if you can’t “read it all” before Monday. Just be sure to copy out the pages so that you are ready to go – then as you read through it, you’ll get more of the Whys, which is really helpful, at least to me. If he’ll let you, take hubby photos too – NO FACES – and as he’d be the only man on it with us we can just call him “Mr. Bond” (wink). Now I’m off to make my lunch smoothie – have to say, think of you every time I throw stuff in there. Don’t let the cookbook freak you out because you can make this as easy as you like (cue the smoothie). :-) We’ll get’er done! Fingers crossed this works as well for you guys as it was starting to for me!

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