Whoa – January 3nd (day 128), how’d THAT happen???

the intrepid epic ers

snatches with a view Randy


the bridge thru a ring

Arm CirclesA few random things here:

I went back to see what I wrote last year about “the new year” and all that “resolution” jazz, found these:

There are some great things over on the DreamChoosers.com blog – I just can only keep one blog going!

Let’s see – what’s happened. Holidaze. Did “12 Days of Christmas” (photos above) on Christmas Eve, then didn’t get back to Crossfit until the “Epic Bridge Run” on New Year’s Day. That was a team WOD of 3 heros plus the run-and-back on the bridge. It was Ryan, Murph and Randy. I showed up with ALL the chocolate from our New Year’s Eve party, and basically ho’d it around the Golden Gate Bridge parking lot to unsuspecting hikers, etc. LOL (that was actually pretty fun).

Most folks were teamed up and I was supposed to team with Kaela who said she was bringing 2 friends, but only 1 showed up so they were a team. That’s okay anyway because she is SO much better than me. I paired up with two gals who came together, but one couldn’t run (leg injury) but she could walk. So we sent her across the Bridge at the 3-2-1-GO, and we went down to do the first WOD.

It was 5 x (7 muscle ups, 21 burpees). Had to be done that way, though anyone on the team could do it (e.g., couldn’t do them consecutively, like you can on a team Murph). Because I can’t do a muscle up to save my life, but we were allowed to “scale however we wanted,” I had the gal bend one leg and I literally lifted her up into the muscle up. Then we traded off the burpees in sets of 7 – and we all know that burpees and I don’t get along (I have to do a “one hip down” thing to get back up) so I did 2 rounds the first set, then the middle round the 2nd, etc. I thought when I started I was going to have to do the double sets of the burpees because “she was doing all the muscle ups” but in actuality I realized she was just straightening her arms – so I didn’t feel bad that we swapped who did 1 and 3 and who did the middle set of 7.

Then we ran across the Bridge – she was my speed (in that 11-12 minutes/mile range). We got down to Crissy Field and the other gal had already started Murph (go girl!) – I can’t remember how many she’d done, I just know I had to do 150 of the 300 squats, then 14 of the pushups. (She and the other gal did all the V-ups.) Then the other gal said that she really needed to walk the Bridge back, so I said I’d start the final hero and they could get there when they did.

We were dead-*ss last, but that was okay, it was super fun. It’s basically the hard core folks who do this – not scalers! Kinda funny.

I got to the beginning and the hero was 75 snatches to overhead. Well, I can’t go overhead, and the lightest thing they had was the 15kg bar, so Roger said to just do to the shoulder. (The good part was that once the other girls got there, THEY couldn’t do overheads EITHER.) I did 60 – yes, 60 – then I saw the gals – had the first gal do 13 (she arrived first) and when the 2nd gal got there, she did the final 2.

Lots of fun on New Year’s Eve – the usual “crew” came – Rosemary and Eric (he TOTALLY “party crash” pranked me – if I have time I’ll tell the story), Brian and Farrah, Claudia & Phil, Mom and Dad, Sharyn & Carl, etc. Great additions were Dave Greno and his wife, Nancy Mimms, Tim Walsh & Jo, Mia and Andy (the new folks from 32 Moody), Susie Abel from Ironteam (yes! she FINALLY got New Year’s off, has her “seniority” at the station!), Brian the landscape contractor, Carol the artist, Allison and Brent and the kids (they are SO CUTE – I mean, honestly, that family should model), etc. REALLY missed Tom and Jan – we had a little “snafu” in that Olivia, the new next-door neighbor 12 year old cellist, was supposed to come and play, but as H had “stolen me off” to Sacramento for a holiday from Christmas through December 30 (though I had a rotten head cold so wasn’t so much fun unfortunately), we didn’t quite get the timing and such down so that didn’t happen. Phil and Susan are away, so they couldn’t come – the Burnses had said they might stop by and Bob and Kathleen, but there’s a cold going around ;-)

Funniest part was by 11:20 everyone was gone. H and I teased that we are all sure GETTING OLD!

Yesterday (January 2) we started the ketogenic diet. I haven’t figured it quite out yet, because I know we’re not getting enough calories in. Yes, yes, I know, “calories don’t count” but they DO in the way Dave Asprey mentioned to Jonathan Bailor – e.g., you have to get ENOUGH in! If you get like 5,000 calories a day because you’ve way upped your fat, it’s not likely a problem, but if because you’re eating clean you wind up like eating only 1,000 calories a day, THAT is a problem. H is having an issue tolerating the fat – he feels sick – I think he’s more of a sugar burner than me.

We’re off to Crossfit though in like 5 minutes so that’s a quick wrap-up from “last blog to now.”

For Time
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 HSPU
1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 Power Clean 85/55KG
start each round w/ 100M Run

OH, one thing that we did – I paid for Moddie and me to do a full part of the New Moon (plus hypnotherapy CD) with WayOfTheWhale.com – Sue Bird, who is unbelievable. (Also my best friend!) Anyway – we did a whole TAR “induction” on the new moon and a full “intake” with her on January 1st (she did the ceremony at 6 that night). Then I sent her a BUNCH of TAR videos because she’d actually never seen one – and she has to get the language right for the CD. She sent us back an email that basically said Oh-My-God, WHAT?!?! She is an EXPERT (world medal holder) swimmer, cetacean diver, National Geographic diver, Stanford distinguished grad, blah blah – so this woman is NO slouch – double black belt in karate and judo – it was funny seeing her reaction!

Okay so that’s the catch-up. Feng shui seminar today online – also have to get my CLE done! It’s due in like 2 weeks and I still have about 12 hours’ worth! Oooops….

I’m sure there is more – OH – today is my pre-op for the PRK! So I will be offline for a couple weeks after that (surgery is next Thursday). WISH ME LUCK!

AND – I think that the fact I found Jason and Amy’s tape AFTER Sue had done the induction (Moddie and my only “concern” being that we hadn’t heard “yet”) means…it’s working…. ;-)


TAR TIPS (while watching some old videos): MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ALL THE COCONUTS (Laugh!!!) – watched as team after team “drove an ox cart away” from a pile of coconuts they were supposed to get every one into a cart – and a coconut was under the cart, behind a tree, etc. – literally all but ONE of the teams had to go back. MOVE THE WAGON, then DO A 360 walk around!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Today did the power cleans at 25kg (15 kg orange bar plus 2x5kg plates). At the Hero WOD, did it with the 20kg bar – need to check what I’ve done it at before. This was a killer WOD though it looks so “simple” :-) By the end Tracie and I were yelling and groaning, good thing we did it outside ;-) Maybe go from orange bar to red (up 5kg?) Need to go back and check to see what I’ve done before.

Today instead of HSPU did dumb bell lifts from shoulder to overhead. Did with 15 lbs each. It was SUCK-HARD! I am fairly sure that’s a new max for me. I had put the 10 lbs out “just in case” but with lots and lots of grunting and groaning and pushing “up” with my legs too I could do it. Sometimes I feel so pathetic – that’s not a lot of weight – but I keep at it! STAY