What We Are Doing This For: Hank The Vineman Marshall

I was really sad that I couldn’t stay to meet our Honorees at the Sunday workout. I am really looking forward to it. But we received the following email from Sedonia (our swim coach) today, and this made me so sad…and determined at the same time. Take a read:

Hey Team,

If anyone is yearning for a little extra inspiration on these cold mornings…try this on for size:

Those of you that have done Vineman I’m sure have met and learned to love the run turn-around marshall.  And for those of you who have yet to do Vineman, you too will fall in love with him.

What you may not know is that his name is Hank and he is an official honoree for the Redwood Wine Country Chapter of Team in Training.  Over the past few years that I have known Hank his battle with cancer has gone back and forth and yet he has never waivered with his endless dedication and commitment to the team.  He thanks each and every Ironteamer that visits that turn around and come mile 22 of the marathon when you Vinemaners see his smiling face, you too will be overwhelmed with the magnitude of the fete you are about to accomplish and the difference you have made for people like Hank.

Unfortunately today his Facebook status read:

“Blood tests results today confirmed my immune system is attacking my red cells again. Instead of waiting until January to start chemo, I received my first round of Campath today along with 60mg Prednisone to hopefully stop the process. So now, it’s back to loving life, having fun and making every day special. Paul Thorn says, “When life hits you like a truck, it’s time to rise up!” Is there any other way to live?”

So this week when you are faced with challenges, whether at work, in your training or in your life…I challenge you to “rise up” like Hank.  Face the challenge head on, love life, have fun and make everyday special!  After all…is there any other way to live?

You all are heroes!



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  1. You all ARE heroes. I admire every single one of you on the team. Press onward for Hank and the many other Hanks out there past and present. You are to be commended. In the meantime, Hank is in my prayers — as is the Team.

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