Well, I’ll be darned…Feng Shui is on our side (by “accident”…?)


I have this super duper detailed feng shui calendar (goes down to the hour of when to do or “not to do” things). This is what the whole RocketSpeedMarketing.com thing was about – I was doing the SendOutCards side, the feng shui master was doing the feng shui side. It just didn’t work out for whatever reason – but if you’re curious you can go there to see what I’m talking about.

ANYWAY – so I was “compelled” to text R on Thursday August 29, 2013 at 12:23 p.m. about this whole “365 Days to Amazing Race” idea.

I was just getting my office back organized today for the first time in months (H got my new notebook tied into my sound system, screen, etc. – THANK YOU…) – and I found the feng shui calendar. I haven’t used it in forever – bad me, it was expensive enough – so I opened up that time and date with a little trepidation.


August 29th is the ONLY “green” day since August 21st through tomorrow, September 2nd (that’s another green day). “Green” days are the “best days” to do things. Moreover (could I make this up?) – the time of 11 a.m. to 12:59 p.m. is one of the 3 best “hours” of that day.

August 29th was an Excellent/Risk day – heck, so “Excellent” to start a “Risky” Adventure?

Yeah baby…

The Positive Influences are Virtue, Growth, and Advantage.

I can see those playing out on TAR, can’t you?

Potential Negative Influences include Potential Disaster, Petty Arguments, Guilty As Charged, Wilderness, Upheaval, and On Guard.

Pfffffft. Amazing Race, much?

The HOUR I texted is the time for – get this – Good Question and Wealth Accumulation. “Good Question” means that it’s the right time to pose a question to someone else when it will be received well. Here is the actual definition:

“Good Question: The key to unlock the door to your success is to ask the right question. This hour is unsuitable for nothing. It is suitable for working with your coach or mentor; seeking answers to challenging questions; asking for a raise or a promotion. It is also ideal for making deposits into accounts such as savings or other “accounts” that you would like to accumulate over time (monetarily/skills/etc.). This is also a great time for commencing work that could ease the accumulation of wealth and fortunes, which is tenfold if “Wealth Accumulation” is also in the hour. Though it’s also a good day to “unlock” wealth, the key is asking for what you want, then taking action in that path.”

Now, granted, R didn’t receive my text (she’s changed carriers), but that actually doesn’t matter, it’s when the action is initiated. And Wealth Accumulation – well – can you say $1 million – ? (Note also the comment about Wealth Accumulation in the Good Question definition – !)

Tomorrow (Monday) is a Favorable/Close day, so if I can get out from Labor Day celebration stuff, it means it’s a good day to “Close open things” and such. Gotta get some law work off my desk, pay bills, etc.

And then Tuesday the 3rd is a Favorable/Establish day – in other words, the day to start a new habit, etc. The best time for this is actually from 9-10:59 a.m. and from 1-2:59 p.m. I guess I’m calling Crossfit then and making my appointment to do the “On Ramp” Class with them for when H is gone . . .

This is pretty weird. I really felt compelled to send this text. I’m not saying that there’s magic to this – but as most Chinese would not DARE to do something without consulting the feng shui calendar – who am I to argue?

Crazy. Cray-Cray.

Feng Shui Compass