View From The Bay (ABC) interview—we had a BLAST!

Oh my goodness. Yesterday was the best day. I was on View From The Bay—I tried to upload the link for their viewer here, but I can’t get it to take… so here is the link to the show. (I am still going to list it under “Podcasts” — and maybe my sainted James can figure out how to actually make it post here so you won’t have to “go get it.”)

Make sure to watch both halves of the interview. They gave me 4 minutes, and then decided to give us 4 more after the commercial! We were having so much fun. This is my parents’ house, and a friend had come over to watch it Live with my mom. She said my mom basically freaked out when suddenly we were down in her closet! She said that she “Hadn’t had time to clean it” (As if!)

When you follow the link, you can see lots of tips that I gave them that I could talk about. If you’ve read my book, you know there are about 50 pages of tips! They picked some of them for me to show on the air, and have others posted on their website.

If, after you read this, you could put a comment on their website, I would sure appreciate it! I’d love to get invited back!