Today is the 29th (“Black Friday”) – Day 93!

H and I did the WOD today – it was “Atonement” v. “Repentance” v. “Retribution” – basically just each one longer than the next. H wanted to do the shortest (Atonement) – which was 3 x (200m run, 10 squat/cleans, 10 dips). It felt like basically a “cheater” WOD (laugh) especially as everyone ELSE was going for the biggie (middle was 400m/20/20, biggie was 800m/30/30) – so I wound up carrying plates from one side of the box to the other because they’re doing something in the gymnastics portion, and they had the “spring floor” pulled up and needed the plates moved from where they normally are (between the “garage” that’s the Crossfit box and the ‘garage’ that’s the gymnastics floor) to the far side. So I did it until H basically just walked to the car to wait for me. (He didn’t want to move the plates, and I knew that he wouldn’t hang around all that long, but I did it until he stopped stretching and just walked to the car – any longer and I always have a funny feeling he’ll just leave me to find my own way back home!)

This week has been mainly prepping for Thanksgiving. It went off well. I can’t remember if I worked out Monday (how bad is that?!?!), Tuesday I was in the city basically all day meeting with clients, then the plan was to get back for Crossfit, but the traffic was SO hellacious, even if H had met me at the box with clothes I would have been late. H went to the Wednesday morning workout, but I was meeting another client that morning then it was Farmer’s Market and shopping day, then prepping evening. I did get a personal training sesh from Kat, who was going to put me through a Chipper, but instead worked on Mobility stuff which was probably better! Thursday was a lot of cleaning up outside/around the house, as actually was today (after the WOD). Tomorrow we’re supposed to go car shopping again, plus I have client work to do that’s due “before December” which is (!!) Sunday!!

Have had a few things to say about Amazing Race “ah-has” that keep coming to me when I’m doing things like, oh, cleaning the attic (laugh). I keep saying I will remember them but, yeah, not so much.

I was keeping up on our Plank 30 Days until like Wednesday – Monday and Tuesday I got out of bed and did the planks on the floor next to the bed – and Wednesday I actually did the planks IN BED because I was almost asleep when I remembered. Totally did not do them yesterday – will do them after I write this today.

The Superhero Challenge is over – but I still need to do the last 3 days. I want to do them since it was pretty fun. I also got some good ideas for “personal/home” workouts.

Wish that we would get a callback from TAR. I’m obviously not sure we WILL get one, but I think our video really was cute. The thing I like about it is that it’s TOTALLY natural. The casting director said that’s one thing she really likes – and frankly, that’s the only way it COULD be! Some of the ones I have seen on YouTube seem to be “trying too hard.” A LOT aren’t 3 minutes, they are over! (It makes a HUGE point that they can’t be more than 3 minutes – ours is 3 on the nose – wonder if that wasn’t as “clear” before because a lot are like 3:12, 3:15, etc. some are 5:00!) On the “paying attention to directions” I would imagine if you go over 3 minutes that you get a big zero ;-)

Well, hopefully I will remember my “learnings” that I wanted to remember and perhaps I will post them as a postscript to this post ;-)