To continue…or not to continue…that is the puzzler (yoga work trade)


Back seemingly a billion years ago (I think it’s coming up on a year, but it might actually be 2!), I started yoga at a bikram studio nearby. I was doing it with my friend Belinda which was great – we each got a Groupon (actually, I got the Groupon for her so she’d go with me!), and we went pretty religiously.

In fact, I’m almost sure that it was coming up on 2 years ago (wow!) – because I always seem to do these crazy things around my birthday and the holidays – and “this past” year, I started Crossfit. so this was like a year and a half ago.

Belinda found out that we could do work-trade, which would give us free yoga in exchange for working for the studio 2-1/2 hours/week. That sounded like a great deal, because yoga is not inexpensive. We both started doing work-trade, and would meet for yoga. Ultimately though, the heat was really bothering her, and so she wasn’t able to use the yoga like she’d thought she would, and after a while, she dropped out of doing the work-trade.

I’ve kept at it, and I keep telling myself that the 2-1/2 hours that I’m working will “goad” me into using the yoga weekly. It just isn’t happening.

Part if it always comes down to that “community” thing. I haven’t really found the “community” or “social” aspect in the yoga studio that I have at, for example, Crossfit, or Spin when I used to do that. The idea that if I don’t show up, someone will ask where I’ve been.

want to want to go to yoga. And when I do go, I do like it – I do a one hour (not 90 minute) bikram class, and I do like how it makes me feel.

But right now, I feel like I have a lot going on. I want to work long-distance aerobics back into my schedule (as per the previous post), and if I weren’t doing work-trade, I could do it Mondays at that “sweet spot” of time (2:30-5:00 p.m.) Considering that I try to get to the bikram class before that (1:30-2:30) – and that’s usually the only yoga class that I wind up making – I am out of pocket from 1:15-5:15 p.m. on Mondays, and I think I could do something more productive with this time.

That said, as H is usually working in the city on Mondays, I have this sneaking suspicion that I’m likely to just fritter the time away.

I think I’m going to send an email to the manager before I chicken out, telling her that I have to quit doing this. It’s just not “time economically” smart for me. I know that I”m one of the best work trade people she has – she was VERY upset when Belinda left, and I know that I’m at least as good if not better than she was. (I also steam clean the floor, which no one does otherwise.)

I’ve written to Moddie, to see whether she might be able to do something TAR-ish on Mondays with me at that time – and it would also mean I would go back to doing Crossfit on Mondays, because I wouldn’t be “stuck” with a day that was cut up too badly to get any work done.

I wish I had more “will power” – because I do know that yoga is “good for me” and would be “good for me” to do. But at this moment, my goals really are to lose the weight, which in my own little pea brain is better served by going back to doing something more highly aerobic during that time – and who knows, after I lose the 35 pounds, I’m quite sure the manager would welcome me back with open arms (as I KNOW that I’m good at this). The key is not pissing her off, which is not a simple task. Part of the issue is not only that I wind up not going to yoga because (like today!) I wind up having a work teleconference scheduled smack when class would be, but also H doesn’t really particularly “like” me doing the work-trade, because he sees it as a stupid trade-off, ROI-wise. He feels (which I think is probably true) that I should be doing something that gives me a better ROI – whether it’s working on my business during that time, or on myself.

That said – HERE GOES – I think I’m going to send that email now before I chicken out!!!